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Personal blog entries now here. Blogger Boobie-Thon moved here.
Want a new view? You're not stuck with this design -- skin the site!

Vacation - had to get away
I'm taking most of this week off from blogging...people to do, things to see. So in the meantime, try reading these fine blogs instead. Capiche?

  1. :: sledgeblog ::
  2. ScorpioGirl
  3. Sha Ka Ree
  4. pixeldiva
  5. IrishEyes

  6. (more blogs...)

[vacation - all I ever wanted]

Don't forget me when I'm gone...my heart would break...
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They're the people that you meet each day
I won't be around today, so here's reading material in my absence:

  1. Glimpse of a Grrl -- her birthday was yesterday!
  2. Spathic -- don't know what it means? Look it up!
  3. Beware of the crusty french fries -- mmmmm, tasty.
  4. Incoherent Babbling -- thank Mikey for this one, kiddos.
  5. Pixie with a Crash Helmet -- this is not to be confused with "the special helmet"!
If you still can't get enough of their love, start here...
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Hey, hey - Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay bloggers are too cool for school... I'm the second paragraph in this related article -- and get a mention about half-way through it as well. So does Jen.

Whoo whoo. (Article Section 1, Article Section 2)
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Freaky Friday
A few blogs for your Friday reading pleasure...

  1. 'round the bend - a little cheeky
  2. adampsyche - makes me wanna holla
  3. everybody reads raymond - like a popular TV show, but not
  4. SquidBlog - day-to-day with Squiddy
  5. hey-lisa.com - longing for simpler days
For even more blog reads, go here. Last but certainly not least, don't forget the Blogathon begins this weekend on July 26th!
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It's just one of those days that a girl goes through
Still don't feel like being online much...so here's a few reads instead please...

  1. pippa said
  2. the cheese stands alone
  3. Exercises in Futility
  4. The Hackworths
  5. GenXTeK
Click here for more blog links. Ciao, 'til the rumbly in my tumbly subsides!
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To all my neighbours you got much flavah
It's been awhile since I've recommended blog reads...so here I go...

  1. On the Fritz -- Observations of Modern Life
  2. off the blog -- tasty muffins
  3. Dirty Whore Diary -- your daily dose of smut
  4. shawnallison.com -- Shawn not included
  5. Oh Yeah Girl. -- shake what 'cho mama gave ya!
If you need more diversions, start here...and happy almost-holiday weekend!

This is how we do it, it's Friday night
And I feel all right
The party's here on the West East side

So I reach for my 40 and I turn it up
Designated driver take the keys to my truck
Hit the shore 'cause I'm faded
Honeys in the street say, "Monty, yo we made it!"

It feels so good in my hood tonight
The summertime skirts and the guys in Kani
All the gang bangers forgot about the drive-by

You gotta get your groove on, before you go get paid
So tip up your cup and throw your hands up
And let me hear the party say.....
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Turning tricks(y)
Pssst...over here now. But no kissing on the mouth. Well, unless you ask her nicely.
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*cough*    *sneeze*    *hack*
Taking a sick day today...go here instead, please:

  1. Running With Scissors
  2. seaglass
  3. life of nicole lee
  4. tangled up in blue
  5. Matt's Blog
I'll be over here in the "trying to breathe" section...for more reads start here.
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This will be on the quiz
Time to pass along a few blog reads again...

  1. PlasticFruit.net - hot stock tip
  2. little.red.boat -- cute, cute, cute design
  3. Loquacious Of Blog -- it's all very manly
  4. geeky chick dot net -- I'm slow linking it (shame on me!), so hopefully you aren't
  5. Tenth-Muse.com -- it's better than bad, it's good
If you still need more, more, more -- just follow the trail that starts here!
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And dat ain't cool fool 'cuz its Friday!
Jen asked for new blog reads...so here are a few from me!

  1. Airbag (love this design)
  2. The Blog O' the Blurf! (yes, Blurf!)
  3. Sunidesus Speaks (bonus points for header-graphic creativity)
  4. I'm saying (formerly "every little day")
  5. a kitchen in brabant (because I said so, that's why)
In case that's not enough (do I look like the white pages to you?) -- go here. Last but certainly not least, don't forget to worship Solonor today. Do it for the children.
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Tell me who are the people in your neighborhood
I've discovered a lot of new reads through comments, blog reads and the like in the last week. Thought I'd pass them along... Just call these "The Robbys":

  1. maleszyk.com -- he is not Tom Cruise (but he could be)
  2. Dirty Questions.com -- found via Chey, current question: "Have you ever had a consistent booty call?"
  3. butterfly wings, the blog -- I think of the Beloved song I love every time I visit
  4. traces -- yet another lovely design
  5. compulsively obsessive -- I love titles with a twist
And one to grow on...Mindless Chatter...it's her birthday tomorrow! For even more reads for your humpday, start here.
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Axis spins so round and round we go
A good friend of ours has chosen to blog anonymously. No I won't say who, but I did help whip up a quick design to get her there. So go visit Amethyst Angel, and welcome back a new, old read...

Ashley acquired a new domain name for the new year as well -- so if you're not reading her yet, time to start! She has my official "wear Depends first" seal o' approval.

Yet another old pal from my wedding group days has set up shop at lazyblonde.com. Love that domain!

And a few others to check out for your new work week...

1. sammiches 4 free
2. Disarranging Mine
3. Mildly Suicidal
4. Steamed Words
5. What Do I Know

What? Still not enough... Sheesh! Well then, go here. Have a great week!
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