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Personal blog entries now here. Blogger Boobie-Thon moved here.
Want a new view? You're not stuck with this design -- skin the site!

Don't label me please

When you ping weblogs.com, you give these details for the world to use. That's your opt-in. That data is free game for anybody to play with. BlogShares provides an opt-out mechanism because I want to be nice not because I have to. Weblogs.com isn't for any particular purpose, you opt in to it you opt into everything associated with it. [link]

For the record: I didn't ask for my site to be pulled because I thought it was cool. Or trendy. Or because I wanted to jump on a bandwagon.

I did it because I have issue to the above sentiment that BlogShares is based on. When I ping weblogs.com, I expect that ping to be used for the purpose it was intended -- blog updating tools (like Blogrolling) to notify others when I have updated. Not so that other sites I no longer approve of can use my site and my name. Hence my removal request. I didn't yank my site because I was sitting around bored without anything better to do. I yanked it because -- from the top on down -- I saw behavior I didn't want my site associated with. Period. I didn't "opt in" to Blogshares, no matter how long Seyed wants to sit down and try to explain it me. I did, however, opt out. That is my right.
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Whatevah! You ain't bad. You ain't nuthin'!
Whoa. I had no idea all the Blogshares hubbub was going on until I read about it over at Solonor's just now. You can read more at Kat's and at Zu's. Apparently you aren't "allowed" to opt out of the game without risking ridicule, flaming, and enough trolls to cause you to shut your blog down. Excuse me, but my definition of a game is something you CHOOSE to play -- or not -- it isn't something you're forced into because someone wants fame, popularity, and a suitcase full of cyber Monopoly money.

"Your weblog is not you." Well I beg to differ. And as such, consider the Blogshares button and updates gone from my sidebar.

Most of you already know that in times of crisis, I always turn to the great orator Eric Theodore Cartman. And to quote him, "Whatevah. I do what I want!"

UPDATE: I just found the directions if you want to unlist your blog (and your profile) here. I accidentally e-mailed my first request. Oops.
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In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make

When the [Blogshares] site goes live all shares in your portfolio will be deleted as will your transaction history for the beta period. You will only take your cash balance forward. Blogs will have their shares reset to the original 5000 and you will receive 1000 shares in every blog you've claimed ownership of. So be sure to sell your stock early. [link]

Just in case you've missed the above e-mail and / or announcement on the Blogshares website, everything in your portfolio will be deleted on May 1st. You only carry your cash balance and 1000 shares of any blog you've claimed into the non-beta site. So what does this mean? Sell, sell, sell! I've you've gifted me shares (and thank you for doing so!) please don't get your feelings hurt if you see that I've sold them. They won't stay in my account after 5/1 no matter what. Let Black Wednesday begin...
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Greeeeeeeat! 500 it is!
An updated version of the MT BlogShares Plugin has been released to fix the stock price issues from earlier today. However, this updated version doesn't include the available shares hack yet. So if any code monkeys out there wanna give it a whirl, I'll bat my eyelashes accordingly. Thanks to David for jumping in with lightning-speed to fix the problem!

UPDATE: The above has been added to the MT Plugin. Thanks again David!
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Has anyone using the Blogshares plugin noticed that it's showing their stock price as $0, yet that's not actually the price?

UPDATE: I got a quick e-mail from the author of the MT-plugin in question, after I left him a comment. This is what it said:

Thanks for the heads up. I've been knee deep in work and school for a couple days, so I was unaware of the problem. It seems the pages at blogshares.com changed just enough to break the plugin. I'll try and get a new version out tonight, along with support for the portfolio RSS feeds.
I'll post more info when I have it! (UPDATE: See here.)
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I decided to go a little crazy tonight and split my stock. There are currently 24 shares available at half the previous price as a result. Snap 'em up while you can!
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Share and share alike
Found over in the MT Plugin Directory...the BlogShares Plugin. (Download here, instructions here.) Now you can track my worth right over there in the sidebar -- just above my Blogroll!

UPDATE: Found over at Christine's...poeticgeek has made an expanded file to include things like market share and available share if you're interested. I've added the available shares tag to my sidebar since there don't seem to be many/any around right now.
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Heads up! If you wanna piece of me, you'd better strike fast (while it's still cheap). After a tragic drop from $23.50/share to $5.08 $5.18 $5.24 $5.45 $5.61 $5.96 this afternoon, people have started to snap my product up faster than Britney in an Oklahoma head shop. There are only 50 32 26 13 6 0 ('cuz I bought the very last one) available shares left of ATPTB, so buy now! Help me to help you.

UPDATE: They're all gone now. You'll just have to bribe other people with special favors (*cough, Todd, cough*) to sell theirs.
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How much would you pay?
Whoa. Blogshares got all fancified today, courtesy of Simply Delish! Very nice. Don't be a playah-hatah, ok?

UPDATE: Jason just pointed out that the new Blogrolling design is up. *two snaps in a circle* Now, go give 'im some money!
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Butterin' bread
Solonor is so sexy, big and strong... He also gives good blog. *bats eyelashes*

Your Princess

UPDATE: I have good taste in men. My husband is in the top 10!
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You wanna piece of me?

Listed on BlogShares Just spotted over at Michele's...you can now get a piece of the blog over at Blogshares. My blog is valued at $14,150.86, an outgoing link is worth $619.60 and shares cost a mere $1.60 $1.61 $1.75 $1.78 $1.91. I'm cheap -- but you already knew that. Buy for the children. Elvis would have wanted it that way.

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