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Personal blog entries now here. Blogger Boobie-Thon moved here.
Want a new view? You're not stuck with this design -- skin the site!

About that time
Ok, it's just about time to start thinking of preparations for the Boobie-Thon 2003. Things are going to be run a little differently this year, so I want to take a couple of informal polls (please don't multi-vote and skew the results) as to where we're at... For obvious reasons, I'm participating in a behind-the-scenes only manner this year now -- so I need to know if it's even going to be worth it for my time and bandwidth.

Do you plan on donating any funds this October?

Do you plan on submitting photographs* this year?

*Instead of putting the names on the images this year, all images will remain anonymous. There will be a master list of participators -- in addition to the list of donors -- but no boobie-photos (covered only, please, for the public page) will be paired with blogger names for privacy and security's sake.

My readership has changed a lot in the last year -- and I just want to make sure we can equal or better last year's event before I spend the very little, precious energy I do have right now. So please answer truthfully and thank you for your time! -Robyn
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Make this world a better place if you can
More blogger fundraisers to link -- let me know in the comments if you have one you'd like to add to the list for the $359 donation from the Blogger-Boobie-Thon '03.

  1. Bay Area Angel Adventure for the National Brain Tumor Foundation (she needs to hit her goal by this weekend)
  2. Walking for a Reason -- 60 miles for breast cancer
  3. Team in Training -- Suzy Insidious is participating
  4. AIDS Marathon -- NegroPleaseDotCom is participating
Kudos and best wishes to everyone on their fundraising events!
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Brother, can you spare a dime?
Two more blogger-fundraising projects to add to the $359 blogger-purse this year...

  1. Memory Walk 2003 for Alzheimer's
  2. American Cancer Society Relay for Life
If you know of any other projects, please pass them along! -Robyn
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Oh what a tangled (world wide) web we weave
I promise we'll only sue you if don't link, participate and/or donate to this year's boobie-thon... I knew something didn't sit right with me concerning that whole deal. Now I know why. Thanks to Todd for the heads-up follow-up!
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Orange you glad you came here today
First Yvonne gave Michele her daily dose of Vitamin DD. Now she's making sure that I don't get scurvy (don't click at work). You couldn't ask for a better, more concerned friend! Perhaps Yvonne should apply here and do us all proud? Baby needs a new pair of shoes...
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No, not just for some but for everyone...
I'm filing both of these away for future reference regarding the "bloggers helping bloggers fund" portion of this year's Boobie-Thon proceeds (please don't vote now -- that will come later in September):

  1. helpkat.com: "I am asking for help while I get the necessary treatments and possible surgery for my back. I have scoliosis and it has taken a turn (no pun intended) for the worse."
  2. chuckpierce.com/ring/: "I am a single father who wants to give the best woman in the world a Diamond and marry her."
If you know of any others, please pass them along so I can add them to the file... The cause selected will receive $359.00 (assuming that amount is raised, of course). -Robyn
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I'm a no-good, filthy dirty whore
Just so we've got that straight... If you're going to spam my comments with the same IP but different names, at least be a little more original. Really. That one is tired. It's run its course. And just in case you're stuck, here's a thesaurus.

I've mentioned this to those close to me -- but since I've gotten so many "when's the Boobie-Thon II" queries this week -- I'll just put it all right out here in the open this very moment. In answer to the main question, this October, to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness month.

But let me sidebar for a moment... The only way. And I repeat the only way I will host and coordinate this as an annual event is if it retains the original spirit of the first Boobie-Thon. What's that mean? Not only is it bloggers for charity, it's also going to be bloggers helping their own. We're a community, and part of being in a community is looking out for one another and supporting each other when times get tough. So $359.00 of the money raised this year (the price of Statia's plane ticket last year) will be going to a blogger "charity". What "charity" you might ask? Well when the time comes I'll try to gather as many different bloggers as I can from different walks of life and form a panel. The panel will take submissions from various bloggers pointing out causes needing funds. This could be anything from charity events, medical expenses, natural disaster expenses, you name it...we'll accept applications for it... I don't even have to know the people and projects being submitted. It just has to be something from the blogging community. Because I'm not licensed or funded we obviously won't be able to launch full-scale fraud investigations -- so we'll be relying on that thing called trust, gut instinct, and the old-fashioned honor system. As the time draws nearer, I'll be relying on everyone's advice and help to work the kinks out. Every other penny raised beyond the first $359 will go to Susan G. Komen. Last year we sent the Foundation $1251.00.

Let me make it clear that I flat-out refuse to donate my time and effort unless the spirit of the original "contest" lives on. I have taken flak from here to Oklahoma and back on raising money for friends. Well I'm sorry, but when my friends are in need -- that's what I do. And I'll continue to do it again this year. That is, if you're all in... See you in October!

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In the eye of the beholder
The more I sit here and think about it, the more thankful I am that most of the world's priceless artwork was completed (and in many cases, commissioned by the Church itself) before today's so-called "Judeo-Christian" standard / ethic came into place. What a truly boring, bland world full of "safe" Thomas Kinkade paintings it would be...

[what is art]
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Chocolatey and delightful

Now, before we go saying "it doesn't bother me, it was her business, yadda yadda yadda" lets take a step back and realize what these magazines are truely for. Call it art, call it whatever, but all they are are masturbation rags.....The "you can do anything you want and don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you, cause it doesn't matter" attitude may sound good and fine, but it really does matter what people think of you. Don't beleive me - then go down to the county courthouse in your areas and strip naked and smear chocolate syrup all over your bodies. See how fast you go to jail, make the news and never get another job other than bagging groceries at the local supermarket. [link]

A-ha! The comment I was waiting for... I knew one would show up eventually. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter what people think of me. Shocking, I know.

The only human being that gets the right for me to pay mind to things like that has their wedding band on my left-ring finger. Anyone out there care to retort?
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Double standard?
This has the potential to get really heated -- and I know that in advance. So I'm just making it real clear from the start that I reserve the right to edit, delete and/or ban your ass if you get out of line. I expect -- and demand -- respect in your answers. I have a low idiot tolerance right now and have no problem in putting my foot on your hind end as I shove you out the door. That said...

Reading a couple of blog entries (and comments) got me thinking more about "the penis blog project" (link not work safe).

When we did the boobie-thon last year, we were called whores, tramps, sluts, "Tampa trash", bad wives, unfit mothers, and just about every other derogatory term known to (wo)man. We even had entire blogs devoted to how immoral we were.

Is it different for the guys because they're guys? Is it different for the guys because most of them are gay*? (And I say that because most of my gay friends in college were much more open about -- and comfortable with -- their sexuality.) Do you really think the men who decided to bare it all will face any semblance of the scrutiny the girls that participated in the boobie-thon faced? Do you think there will eventually be a backlash? Or is this different because money isn't being raised (and as some would say, money to fly a friend out for a drunkfest -- even though the cost of the ticket was actually covered by friends -- and then we kept going and went on to raise over $1250 for charity)?

All respectful opinions welcome...

*I, too, would like to see straight male bloggers participate and remove any potential for stereotyping. Any other male bloggers out there considering it?
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You like me...you really, really like me!
I was a little too preoccupied with other things last month to even do any campaigning, but it appears tampatantrum.com has won the "nudist with a cause" category of the Nude Weblog Awards. I'd like to thank all the lovely ladies (and gents) that made it possible, as well as all of you who voted for this site! We'll be making the charity event an annual thing, so stay tuned and check back this October!
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got boobies?
Move over Save Karyn and Boobie-Thon...now we have GiveBoobs.com. So far this college girl has managed to raise over $1K for her breast augmentation, hoping to go from a size 34A to the great beyond. But I'd be done seen about everything...
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