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Spam, spam, spam, spam...
Can the spammer who's been spoofing my e-mail "Reply to:" address -- with viruses attached -- for the last week kindly stop now? K...thanx. -R
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Chain of fools
Yet another reason to hate those damned chain e-mails...
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But I want is to be left alone in my average home
Greeeeaaat. There's a discussion going on over at FARK about Ad-Aware (which I happen to use and love). It appears spyware manufacturers are bringing suit against Ad-Aware for false advertising because Ad-Aware removes their spyware product. Oh the humanity.
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Meep meep!
Please make sure that you're no longer writing wholly.matrimony@verizon.net -- that was never really our e-mail address anyway. Verizon "branded" their DSL accounts with the SMTP servers, and there was no getting around it. Even though we'd force a reply-to address with Outlook, not all mail clients would catch it.

We lived in a Road Runner test market in St. Pete, and were one of the first 500 customers in Tampa Bay to have it. We loved it. But when we moved up here to the 'burbs, the only high-speed options at the time were Verizon and Earthlink DSL. We never bothered to switch to Road Runner when they started offering it in our area last year, because we have DirecTV and (at the time) DSL was working fine. After our last major DSL outage -- over six of them in three month's time -- we realized that was no longer the case and said "funk 'dat". Hasta la bye-bye Verizon! Outages over 3 days were becoming the norm, they couldn't tell us why they were occurring, where the outages where located, or how long they would continue. And because Todd is a smarty-smart and knew how to do all the modem tests before calling in, there was literally nothing they could do for him when he did put in a support call. Send someone to the house? Fuhgetaboutit. They would take our number and tell him to wait for a "level four" tech support call. During each of the major outages, the phone never rang a single time -- one outage was five days long!

Well the Bright House / Road Runner guy just left and now I'm zoom-zooming along again. I forgot what bliss it is to write an e-mail and not have to check:

Options → Have replies sent to → Send message using

Road Runner doesn't brand you with their SMTP server. Oh happy day!
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Baby fish mouth
Any bets that my husband was the one searching for "monkey origami"? (BBC News link via Sensible Erection.)

Here's a list of winning search strings for the month of May thus far. I should be so proud.

  1. save the kitties god kills
  2. melissa panty shots joe millionaire
  3. pics my husband likes to eat my piss
  4. ducks as housepets
  5. white brides sucking on big black male stripper cocks
  6. peanut porn
  7. pics of women buying adult diapers
  8. topless blog
  9. i am not a bimbo
  10. super spanky slut
I'm still trying to wrap my blonde-brain around the "peanut porn" one though. Do they mean peanuts as in the legumes -- or Peanuts as in the cartoon? Scratch that. Some things you're better off not knowing...
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Fool me once...
Remember when I blogged about our curse with ThinkGeek? Well once again, we decided to press our luck. I finally broke down and ordered this tanktop I'd wanted for weeks now -- which was fine. But Todd also got this monkey case badge for his new PC. I don't know how in the hell this stuff always happens to us, but there was a HAIR in the case badge. Not stuck to the sticker part, but in the plastic casing itself! He pulled it out, but there's still a thin line running through the badge where it used to be. What the......?
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Awwww...geek out! Le geek c'est chic...
[Gnomedex] This is very subject to change because there are a lot of things going on in our lives right now that have no set timetable... But too many people are going to party in Iowa this summer, and since we are the king and queen of the XXXth birthday bash, and soooooomeone just happens to be turning the big 3-0 that weekend, we went ahead and just booked our flights. So cross your fingers that this year is the year Tobyn Does Iowa! Now where'd I put my tiara?
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ABC...easy as LCD
Todd sent me this article online -- it seems Sony is phasing out all 17" and 19" CRT models effective...well...yesterday. It's "part of the industry's shift away from CRTs to LCD panels".

We just bought a new monitor over the weekend, and just in time it seems. We got a Sony 17" flatscreen Trinitron. We ended up getting a steal on it ($50 rebate, and $22 off in-store when they realized they'd sold us one and we had to pick it up at another location) -- but that's hardly my point.

I did not want a flatscreen LCD. Yes, they're pretty. Yes, they take up virtually no space compared to their CRT counterpart. But no, they just aren't clear enough for me with Photoshop open 18 hours a day. Sorry. I've got my laptop for that. After adoring our Sony Trinitron television for so long, I knew that's what I wanted in a monitor. Even if it is taking a bit of time to adjust to the two wire lines that come with it. My computer desk will only hold a 17" or 19" tube, so after price-comparison, I decided I'd rather have more money for vacation than two extra inches of space. (Our old monitor was 17" as well.) So I'm a very happy camper with our purchase.

I'm also very glad I listened to my instincts now that it seems we've bought ourselves a dinosaur. I love how the article stated:

"There's a core group of users who are extremely dedicated to the technology that's hardest to ship, such as the Diamondtron or Trinitron," Alexander said. "There, users are extremely attracted to things like their color saturation, brightness levels, and color purity. We see this especially in places like graphics departments, desktop publishing, and people doing animation."

Those loyal users haven't yet embraced LCDs, Alexander said. Knowing that, the decision makes sense for Sony, since that user base has already shown they're willing to pay a premium for the technology. In addition, Sony also avoids the brutal price competition that has plagued the popular 17-inch and 19-inch CRT segment, she said.
See, I was just the opposite. I wasn't willing to pay a premium. Screw me for being a penny-pincher, I guess! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go hug my new purchase and be thankful I got it when I did...
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Can you hear me now?
I think we're finally back online! Just as well. I was starting to get the shakes. It was bad. Five more hours and I'd have been wandering the streets begging for fifteen minute "hits" of high-speed access!
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