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Demetra George Demetra George is a professional astrologer who received her Masters degree in Classics from the University of Oregon. She has been active in astrology since 1971. In 2002 she received the renowned Regulus Award in Theory and Understanding.

Specializing in archetypal mythology and ancient techniques, she is the author of Asteroid Goddesses, Astrology for Yourself, Mysteries of the Dark Moon, Finding Our Way through the Dark, Astrology and the Authentic Self, and Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques, Volume I.

Demetra lectures internationally and since 1992 has facilitated educational pilgrimages to the sacred sites of Greece, Egypt and India. She is currently translating a corpus of Hermetic medical astrological texts from ancient Greek.

Demetra teaches around the world and online with a focus on the fundamentals of interpretation, chart delineation, Hellenistic astrology, and mythic asteroids. She has taught the history of astrology at Kepler College and the University of Oregon, and lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Looking Back on My Life As An Astrologer

Brian Clark interviews Demetra George about the insights and lessons she's learned after a life lived in pursuit of astrological knowledge. Recorded at the FAA Astrology Conference 2010 in Brisbane, Australia.

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Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice

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