Inspection Reports

Inspections and Reports are to the ‘Australian Standards’ AS 4349. 1 – 2007. The Standard (Comprehensive) Pre-purchase inspection and report is based on a visual inspection and covers any evidence of Structural damage, conditions conducive to Structural damage, any Major defects, Minor defects, including maintenance issues and Safety hazards. The Structural (Basic) Pre-purchase inspection and report is based on a visual inspection and covers any evidence of Structural damage, and conditions conducive to Structural damage. With Under Construction inspections, we look for unacceptable workmanship practices, structural defects, problems with fittings/cabintery/doors windows (plumbness), items not to plan, wall and cladding defects, just to name a few. A fully comprehensive, detailed report is carried out by our professional, experienced consultants, and we welcome your feedback on any concerns you may have about maintenance and corrective issues with your future property investment/development. We will endeavour to have your Building Inspection Report emailed/faxed or mailed to you within 24 hours.  


Pre-purchase Inspection Reports Include:

General condition of building
Interior of building
Roof space
Exterior of the building
Sub-floor space (timber floors)
Roof exterior
Building surrounds

Under Construction Inspections and Packages

Walls – brick & timber frame
Roof framing
Roof cladding
Internal fix out – walls, ceiling & cupboards
Floor & wall tiles

Practical Completion Report

Compliance with approved plans
Quality of workmanship
Internal of roof structure & insulation
Doors and windows
Paint coatings
Floor & wall tiling
Fixtures & fittings

A package can be negotiated for your specific needs.
See examples below.

Floor Stage (concrete slab)

Plate height (brickwork completed)

Roof frame and cladding

Practical completion (hand over)


BeSafe Building Inspections provide a visual Building Inspection report to Australian Standards – AS 4349.1 – 2007.

Our reports are fully comprehensive, professional and in ‘laymans terms’, including fully explained details of the property’s current condition, quantifying any problem areas and identifying any repairs and/or maintenance required.

Having a Building Inspection carried out prior to purchase or to ‘Practical Completion’, will help you to make an informed decision about the property, and may save you many thousands of dollars, in the future.

BeSafe Building Inspections operates independently of any agency or financial body, and guarantees an unbiased report.

BeSafe Building Inspections have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

How much notice do we need?

We require approximately 2 days notice, but, are ever willing to try to accommodate our valued clients requests if time is of the essence.

Depending on the size of the property and the particular request, our Building Inspection in general will take approximately 1 – 2 hours, but, we will take as long as necessary to provide you with the accurate information needed to make a decision on the property.

We endeavour to have your fully comprehensive report, complete with photos out to you within 48 hours.


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