Finding the Field: an adventure of body, mind and spirit  is a novel. It’s about an old man who stumbles on the ultimate Truth to life and the universe; but there’s only one person he can tell—a young man who is unstable, dangerous and on the run. Yes, entertainment, but also joyful answers to the universal questions: Who am I? Why am I here?

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Michael Brown

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  • IdPnSD

    It is very easy to prove that you do not
    have any freewill. Have you ever done anything without any reasons? Of course not, you will say. But since your reasons come before you take any action, it means your present action is controlled by your past reasons. This way you will always find that your past is controlling you. Thus at every moment you cannot have freewill.

    Moreover, the two examples, prove that you do not have freewill, moment
    by moment and also for long term. Life can be precisely predicted, by any high level yogi, long before you are born. Yes, we are indeed robot. For more details you can see the yogic power chapter and also destiny chapter in the free book on soul theory at

    Bible also says you do not have freewill
    – “what you sow is what you reap”. Which means past controls the present.

  • Daniel Bunbury

    If you are conscious, then you have free will of thought; and if you have no free will, you cannot be conscious – you’d just be a machine. Without free will of thought, consciousness and ideas and opinions are meaningless. I am conscious, therefore I have free will of thought, so your theory has been proven false.

    What does the colour of the woman’s skin have anything to do with your story? Geesh.

  • IdPnSD

    “You choose your lanes in every second of your waking life—with your thoughts.” – No, that is not correct. Nobody has any freewill. We are all guided by destiny. Life can be precisely predictable, moment by moment, and also for long term by any high level yogi. Even there are palm leaf booklets, in India, which were written at least 10,000 years back, that describe the destiny in details and with great accuracy, for about one million people who are living now in our world. There are many such examples of predictions all over the world for all times. Here are two examples:

    The famous western palmist, Cheiro, examined the hands of Mark Twain in 1895, when he was bankrupt and $94,000 in debt. Cheiro predicted that he would suddenly become rich in his 68th year (1903). It came true and he signed a contract. Twain wrote – “They guarantee me $25,000 a year for five years, but they will yield twice as much as that for many a year, if intelligently handled.” Cheiro was a high level yogi by birth.

    A yogi from India came to visit a research institute in USA during the early seventies. A white American woman came to his office to see him. As she entered his office, the yogi told her to ask some questions. One by one she asked seven questions. Then the yogi picked up a paper from his desk, turned it upside down, and gave that to her. In that paper all her seven questions were already written along with their answers.

  • Nathan

    I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around something. I get that i create my own reality…but it makes me feel very alone sometimes. to be honest, it almost feels like consciousness is sort of an unintended consequence in and of itself, if that makes sense. Like I’m creating the experience, but there’s nobody there to experience it with me.

  • Ray Gauldin

    LoL, no wonder there are no replies 🙂
    If you want “truth”, seek it within yourself, it’s there.

  • Lance Erdman

    Mind creates reality? What about those born with poor health conditions…..that never recover?

  • Michael

    Nicely put. And I can relate to your prison metaphor because there’s always release to come – even the possibility of parole. Namaste, Michael

  • Chris Harris

    The word “YOU” in the universal truths refers to ones higher self. The physical human experience involves that higher self isolating part of it’s mind and then wiping it’s memory to enable a complete physical and mortal life to be experienced. Your unique human life is to all intents and purposes (the only YOU we know). So You effectively refers to another persons reality. Tobe forced to live a mortal life and to grow to love peole and places that you will be forced to leave when you die – is surely a prison sentence


  • Priyanka Gupta

    Very engaging read. I have also written about creating our own consciousness(reality) to live better lives. I agree with neuroscientist Anil Seth — all reality is a controlled hallucination.

    Please do read and share if you like

  • Anne

    Hi, I’m searching the internet to find an answer to a question I have and hope someone here can help me out. Since some time I can see a kind of net on white surfaces. I can’t see it on other colours as it is yellow/yellowish. It looks like a net in which the wires are cell-formed. On small objects the cells are smaller than on large surfaces. It is not something in my eyes as is remains on its place when I move my head. Does anyone know what this might be?

  • Aberto Espinoza

    The Power of Love
    Everything is energy…that includes everything you can see, taste, touch, smell and feel! Actually, there is nothing that isn’t energy! The most powerful energy in the Universe is love. It is the “purest” form of energy with the highest vibration and the greatest intensity.

  • findingthefield

    Hi Autumn. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. You’re right. It’s simple when it sinks in, but hard to explain in words. That’s why I wrote Finding the Field as a spiritual adventure. If you’re wanting to share what you’ve found, you might find some ideas and word-pictures there to help you. Namaste. Michael Brown

  • Autumn

    This is an extremely hard thing to explain to others. Once you’ve become aware, you want to share this with everyone but they just can’t comprehend something so complex. Been trying to find like minded people somewhere and VERY happy to have come across this article

  • maria binnie

    The field can be enjoyed, felt & seen. As a child i would have been estatic to dicover such magic as really possible. As an adult i sought scirntific explanation which is current timee forthcoming. This does not downplay the excitement of what is really within us all.

  • findingthefield

    Absolutely so Maria. Have you come across the poet Kahlil Gibran? He put it most beautifully: “The more that sorrow carves from your being, the more joy you can contain.” What follows in that poem of his is just as inspiring and insightful.

  • maria binnie

    In my journey of seeking answers to life, to pain, good, evil, purpose all of that your words resonate with me. I had come to similar conclusions in recent times for instance i had worked out that the deeper the pain experienced the deeper the capacity to also experience joy. The choice to use that feeling to express deeper love or deeper hate that is up to us. The ability to feel/express to such a level comes from that experience. Bitter sweet so sweet only because we know the bitterness

  • John Cottrell

    Great work Michael! You remind me of “Stalking the wild pendulum” by Itzhak Bentov. I’ll be reading “Life is a mirror” to a group tomorrow morning and asking them to go find you if they wish.

  • findingthefield

    You’re absolutely right. It IS offensive to blame people for their situation. The first universal truth (You create your own reality) applies not just to the surface conscious mind but also the vastly creative unconscious depths of who you are. For the role of the conscious mind, it’s much more useful to focus on how we create our paths by the way we choose to react to the situations we find ourselves in. However you think of it, casting fault or blame is worse than useless.
    MIchael Brown

  • Rebecca Mansell

    True empirical evidence? Sources? Who is going to tell the woman who has just been raped that it was her thoughts and beliefs that caused the atrocity against her? What about people who have negative, terrible thoughts and are hostile and nasty and yet don’t get ill and die of cancer like decent, caring and loving people? It is offensive to blame people…

  • Michael

    Thanks Michelle, a lot of me went into that story, so I’m delighted that it moved you. I hope you enjoy the sailing trip 🙂 Michael

  • Michelle Hughes

    “Finding The Field” was an excellent read. The story really moved me and made sense at the same time/timely in my life. Thank you! Have your sailing adventure in my Kindle for future reading. My Best.

  • Diego

    Hello Michael, what are the reasons as to why you take the approach to appeal to one’s emotions rather than to logic? There’s must be some logic to your thinking.

  • Kathy Mitro

    Brilliant article! I am going to post a link to it on my spirituality blog. Even when one knows the truths that you speak about it is good to keep reinforcing, building your subconscious beliefs stronger through the constant repetition that reading brings My link is here .

  • Jacque Williams

    Brilliant storyline! A haunting, yet satisfying finish

  • claire

    Is there a resting period for us once we leave the physical body/die before we reincarnate?

  • Angie Fife

    Fantastic Book! So many deep truths, and well written. I came across it a few weeks after I started to see life as a mirror. The universe speaks in many ways, and although words seem to be one of the least effective channels (in helping others to see…not for using to direct one’s life), I felt Michael conveyed himself well by using a modern day parable with layers of truth. Thank you for making it a free resource!

  • Michael

    Hello Nia. Each of those two persons makes their choices and lives through their lives according to their conscious and subconscious beliefs about their universe. Our lives are entirely subjective, driven from deep within by our many-layered beliefs. There is no absolute universe to be found. Science does not discover, it creates a powerful set of beliefs. So the answer to your question is that both persons are right – which is hard to accept, because our first instinct is to look for the rock of an absolute truth to cling to. There isn’t one, and the sooner we learn to swim the better. Namaste, Michael

  • KaYnE

    1, I’m about to read all of the articles. 2, I seriously want to get a copy of the book, I haven’t even looked into it too much or seen the price, but I’m already sold. The content you’re releasing is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • Zed Bailey

    P.S. If you’d like to check out my findings visit my blog at

  • Zed Bailey

    It is with a striking realization that I uncovered this work. For the past year I have been doing much of what this book covers, never knowing exactly if there was a collective resource towards the truth that I had discovered. Upon reading this book the already existing light in me grew and the depth of my understanding was greatly increased. As a result, I recommend this book to anyone who seeks to know that asking the great question of the Universe, “What Am I” and is ready to seriously consider the resulting answer. This book acts as the guide.

  • Nia Alexander

    suppose there r two persons….one says that earth is round n the other says that earth is flat….than who is right ?

  • IdPnSD

    It seems you believe in science. If you change your mind and think the opposite, that is, all of math and physics are wrong, and only engineering is correct, then you will find that your universal truths will completely change.

    Let me give you an example of false science. Newton’s first law, which we have all studied in our basic high school classes, says – an object continues in motion in a straight line with constant speed. Have you ever seen such an object on earth? No, you haven’t. You have not seen such a thing even in the deep space. Nothing ever moves in a straight line and never in a constant speed also. But we are still teaching such a false physics in our universities for last 200 years.

    For more details take a look at the free book on Soul Theory at the blog site –

  • Michael Brown

    I don’t look for empirical evidence, Bill. The whole book, including the universal truth summaries, is deliberately written to appeal to emotions – at the deepest possible level. It feels right or it doesn’t. I should tell you that I graduated in physics, but then saw science as an impoverished way of explaining the universe. However I think quantum physics is closing in on the universal truths… It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens. Thanks for your comment. Michael

  • Brandon

    We have a thousand beliefs in our minds, who has the time and patience to figure out which ones work and which ones don’t? I know I don’t, I have other things in life to deal with besides my belief system. If we can’t see some of them or find them, then how can we change them? It scares me to think that our lives are created because of what we think. I think about a million different things during my wake time and during my sleep time. To be in control of the way I think all the time is emotionally draining. How does one find and change the beliefs that hold them back and give them what they don’t want? It’s like our minds are a giant gymnasium full a thousand people, how can we try and control all of them? Well, I suppose find ways to quiet them and have the ones who are the most helpful to us speak up and guide us to what we truly desire and hope for in life. That’s not an easy task but one I hope to figure out and apply to my life fully one day. Thank you

  • Ronald

    Sure thing. The real question, however, is: does it seem even remotely realistic to you to expect you could ever really believe you can fly? The whole thing is set up in a way that there will always be limitations to what you can believe (and therefore to what you can create); otherwise, what would be the point? Got it?


  • Nia Alexander

    hi , i would like to know that if i believe i can fly than will i fly ?

  • Tiffany

    Great article! Thank you so much!!!

  • findingthefield

    Hi Anna (Anya?)
    Thank you. I absolutely agree with your point about our bodies being avatars. I see our bodies as manifestations of Consciousness, vehicles for beings whose adventures continue to unfold the Creation.
    I’m delighted that the fifth universal truth so closely matches your thinking. Perhaps you’ll also see yourself in the other four. And if so, you might enjoy my book Finding the Field.

  • Anya

    I randomly stumbled on your site in my general web scavenger hunt for interesting information.
    I read the fifth truth. And as I read it it dawned on me that I was reading a collection of my musings on life throughout my life. There it was, all wrapped up in an eloquently written blog post. It isn’t something I ever heard from any book or any single person before, at least not in the EXACT way that I was thinking about it all along. That post was written right out of my mind. As if you peered inside my head and put it into writing. How can this be? I was raised in an atheist family, originally from Russia. We all are surrounded by organized religion and human interpretations of what an after life might be. But non ever seemed reasonable to me. So I made my own. And this was it, your blog post on the fifth truth. Amazing. Most amazing is that it’s entirely tied to recent discoveries on subatomic particles and my gut feeling that somehow that discovery is linked to the truth, that we are the creator of our reality and our bodies are in fact like an avatar.

  • Wayne

    Michael, First off thank you tremendously for this treasure trove of wisdom placed into practical and literary format. You are indeed doing a great service to the thirsty star struck lovers of universal truth. I am enjoying the audio book now, after having spent hours reading your blog posts. I find that reading and rereading (due to the flux nature of reality) always reveals the many facets in material such as yours) This is truly one of the hidden gems out of the enormous noise on the net regarding true spiritual teachings. Thank you much, Namaste’

  • Michael

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’m curious about your own experiences with ‘the Field’. In the book, Jack is aware of the Field and learns how to interact with it (eventually gaining the moniker ‘Jammie Jack’). Have you discovered ways to interact like that? Have you seen actual manifestations, or is it more just theory?

    This year I have had a few experiences, but I don’t believe that ‘I’ am the Creator, but the Creator works though me and has made me in his image and likeness. One of those experiences was recently praying with a man with a broken arm (bone poking near his wrist at a really bad angle), and within 10 minutes his swelling had almost disappeared and the bone had straightened. When he went for a check up the doctors said it wasn’t broken at all.

    The thing is, I actually expected that to happen. I wasn’t surprised, which is the difference between belief and hope – a lot of people pray in hope that God will ‘do something’. I, for various reasons, believe now that the power is there, we just have to believe it, but moving from skepticism to optimism to complete confidence is extremely difficult. That’s not the only experience I’ve had like that recently.

    So I was just curious, do you see things like that?

    (Btw, you have a great reading voice, it made the book enjoyable, and this is coming from an Australian…. 😉 )

  • Vipassana

    If there is still “I”, there is still living forever. In the first place, “I” was never born so “who” is dying and “who” is living forever? All things are originated from various conditions coming together and when they come together, they appear as “one” entity, wrongly perceived as being able to existnon its own independently because of the limitations of our eyes the way they work and the way our brain works . So, without investigating further and looking more deeply into the true nature of things, we are ignorantly attached to names, particularly “I”.
    “I” consists of Body and Consciousness but I does not truly exist and cannot exist on its own. Body needs the Consciousness to function otherwise it is just a dead corpse. Consciousness (feelings,perceptions and thoughts, awareness) needs the Body to manifest itself in different forms.
    How our body and mind works is simply a highly complex chain reactions of energy transformations being the eyes,ears,tongue,body,nose, brain, nervous system,etc as transducers. “I” is basically a complex chain of energy transformations resulting from interactions between the six senses (internal), six externals( object, smell, taste, feel, sound, impressions) and Consciousness.
    The energy transformation will go on and on, life after life because there is Craving and Wanting and Desiring. These form the driving forces behind the complex cycles of energy transformations.
    When one stops cravings or wanting, the energy transformation will stop.
    Nothing is coming and going, living and dying, increasing or decreasing.

  • findingthefield

    Hi Mike
    Yes, a chat and a drink in a cabin high in New Zealand’s mountains would be terrific.
    Here’s how I see it. The universe is an expression of the ultimate, the Creator. Each of us is a limb of the Creator, perpetuating the creation through our adventures. But to fully immerse ourselves in our adventures we must temporarily forget that reality. For example, a rich man cannot truly experience being poor unless he forgets where he comes from. That’s the veil we’re born with. So our creative adventures are both an illusion and real – further expressions of the ultimate.
    It’s surprisingly easy to see through the veil. We only have to know that right and wrong, good and bad, love and fear, white and black, up and down and all opposites are necessary constructs for the adventures we create. We have only to cease judgements and look at all things, actions, thoughts and beliefs as part of a fantastically beautiful, continuous creation.
    You are the Creator. Look around. Look at anything and you’re looking at part of your Self in a mirror.

  • Michael

    Hi Michael, I’m currently listening to the audio book and enjoying it a lot. I wish we could share a drink in a cabin in those mountains you talk about and discuss all this some more. A lot of what you say rings true with some things that I think the Bible teaches, but I think most are either unaware of it, or don’t want to consider it.

    For example, in Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth, chapter 3 he says that for many Jews, their hearts are hard and a veil lies over their heart, but is removed in Christ. Many people think that this means that the veil blinds them from understanding, but a veil was never meant to blind the wearer, but to hide what was behind the veil. Paul is saying that the glory of God is IN every single person, but the glory is veiled until they turn to Christ. I have some theories for why that is, but not enough space here to discuss it.

    Then Paul says that we all, with unveiled face, see God’s glory when we look in a mirror – that means the glory is in us!

    He then says, “But if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled IN those who are perishing.” (English translations don’t get this one right, they all say “TO those who are perishing” because it makes more sense to their ideology, but the Greek is IN.)

    Then he also says, “In whom [those who are perishing] the God of this age (not Satan as everyone mistakenly thinks, but GOD!) has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not SHINE (another mistranslation, rendered SEE) the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”

    This is not about the devil hiding the good news from people so that they won’t believe. This is about God preventing unbelievers from fully peering behind the veil, or more, tearing away their veil and having full access to what is really INSIDE them already – the glory of God.

    I understand that you and I have some differences in ‘theology’. I gather that you probably think that God and Christ are ideas that point toward the Universal Truths, but are in themselves inadequate, but I ask you to reconsider. The fact that the apostle Paul knew these things and wrote about them is compelling, and also that Jesus was a real person as history clearly shows, and if you look into his life, who he was and what he did becomes an amazing story – there was a power play on earth between spirits. Perhaps God gave man authority over the earth, and man relinquished authority to the powers of evil (think garden of Eden). Since that time God/the Field has been working through man to restore what was lost. It had to be through mankind because that’s how the rules work – authority once given can’t just be snatched back. Jesus was fully a man somehow, sent by God, and somehow overthrew the powers that were at work on earth. God then gave him ALL authority in HEAVEN and earth, which is incredible! What a risk! Yet this cosmic drama played out perfectly.

    I think God was waiting for this restoration before he was willing to pull the veil from us, otherwise we’d have millions of demi-gods running around worshiping themselves, and not coming to him – not so that he could somehow be self gratified (for God is love), but so that we could all be joined together through the Christ into God’s divinity and partner in his glory and nature.

    I think that’s one of our big differences – you see the universe as the Ultimate, and I still think the universe is created, but intimately connected to the Ultimate.

    Gosh, I’d love to chat more with someone so obviously capable of thinking through these things. It’s hard to find someone in the church who’ll give it a second thought. God’s glory is IN you and everyone, but you’ll never fully experience or see it without turning to Christ. Part of Christ’s work was to make a way for our consciences to be clear, because without that we condemn ourselves and can’t accept that we are partakers of the divine nature – our consciences had to be cleared.

    I’m guessing that many people sense what is behind the veil. Many religions have felt it, and caught glimpses of it, but ultimately, I believe, it’s not truly removed until someone turns to Christ, clears their conscience (because yes, sin is a problem, but Christ removed sin, we just don’t know it!), and experiences unity with God – “that they may be one, just as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may be made perfect in one” – Jesus.

    Sorry for the length… it’s so hard to write about this without mentioning everything else that’s connected – in fact, that’s how I found your website. I searched for ‘everything is connected’. 🙂

  • Kai

    I go on your website and read your universal truths for a pick me up. I love your articles. Each of them! Thank you for sharing your consciousness with us! I’m most grateful!

  • findingthefield

    Hugo, I love the question! After all this – discovering the fundamental truths of existence – I’m left with living life to the full right now. Happiness now, not later, not when I reach some other place or time. In the words of a friend from the Middle East, “Live full, die empty.”

    Wait, that’s not quite all I live for. I would also like others to get the fundamental truths and get the peace I now enjoy. But I won’t stand on street corners and preach. No one is saved or not saved by it.

    I hope that answers your question.



  • Hugo Lafrenaye

    Michael I want to know : what do you live for?

  • denis

    Hello Carlos,

    It’s been a year since you posted your
    comment….. Hope you’ll have chance to read my reply

    Well first of all I think that you are
    free to oppose Michael’s theory. I find it quite healthy to disagree.
    Being rational or logical is a good thing but it is only as good asit gets. Using logic one can prove that it is impossible to go from A to B on a line segment.
    When you say :”Lets say all of
    this were true. Would that not mean that when everyone thought the
    world was flat the world actually was flat?

    And if it was then how could someone discover it wasn’t?” Well, at some point the Greeks did find the circumference of the earth with a pretty good
    accuracy. Since then a lot of people across the world did find the earth’s circumference with even more accuracy. A lot of people did but I personally didn’t : I haven’t come up with my own evidences. I
    ought to believe the things have been taught are true but doing so I obviously take the risk that what has been taught to me is as true as what my parents, teachers and tutors thought it was. I suppose that when Michael advocates that one man’s thoughts somehow shape his life
    he could easily have quoted Churchill when he wrote : “You create your own universe as you go along”. It seems obvious that the things we know now are different from those we knew then and will be different from the things we will know thereafter. If some people thought with the strongest conviction that the earth was flat maybe they shed themselves off the pleasure of sailing its seas by fear of falling off its edges. I don’t think the earth ought to be flat because some thought so. And I personally didn’t interpret Michael argument as such. What is emphasized here is perception. And I’m assuming that’s what Michael meant when he was writing about no fixed reality. There
    is an amazing book about reality called How Real Is Real ? by P. Watzlavick. It’s not just Michael saying it. Experimental psychology proved it too. As long as people wasted time and effort to build a so called reality they cling to it. Or as you might have heard before :
    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

  • Nyxy Evers

    I have a mathematical theorem that shows just how true our perception creates our reality is, so bare with me i’m curious if anyone understands this, i want to show some professor. assuming every event, law, force etc has a chance of happening no matter how small the chance we can see the following: where I= infinite/infinity P= percentage of chance S= space T= time and V= variable(used to represent adding in any chance number of an event etc) and X= multiplication VPS/T X IS = IVPS/IT im not sure if parenthesis need to be in there somewhere but I hope you get the idea, in word form: any given percentage of an event etc within a given space, over time times the infinite space in the infinite equals Infinite percentage of chance for any event to happen within infinite time in other words at all times everything is happening we are the limiting factor by viewing ourselves as separate I I would go so far as to say. AM I right, I mean we are the only “outside factor”, or so we see ourselves.