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Not all credit card processing services are created equal

iStock_000060225676_XXXLarge-1024x683-squareAre you starting a new online business? Well, that is a great idea as internet businesses are doing great these days. However, there are online businesses that have totally failed as well, and online business that have made wrong choices and suffered. One of the most important things in online business is to be able to accept payments online. And for that you need third party payment processors. A payment processor is a third party between you and your customer that helps you process credit card payments safely and successfully. It is safe to say that an online business would be almost impossible without a merchant account. There are many different payment processors out there. Some of them provide you great credit card merchant services and make transactions safer and easier while some just add more trouble with inconsistent and flawed services. Make sure you pick the right one.

How to choose the right payment processor?

Watch out for hidden fees: Advertisements can be deceiving. The fee that seems too good to be true is actually so because it is not real, and there are other hidden fees. A payment processor like that is no good. Payment gateways/processors are plentiful and there is a lot of competition, so prices are low. Make sure you do your research and hire only the best merchant service provider.

Quick access to funds: Just few years ago your money could be frozen in your own account for inspection of suspicious activities by payment gateways. You would not be allowed access to your own money for weeks. This is not the case now. Even in certain cases for anti-fraud response and inspections things are carried out without locking your account. Work with payment processors that provide quick access to your funds.

Security: It is very important that your payment processor provides you data security. It should not be your job to do that. It is expensive to install a personal fraud detecting system, so what you need to do is work with highly secure payment gateway integration service providers.

Many companies offer something called third-party credit card processing where they process credit card transactions for you using one of THEIR merchant accounts. This is not the same thing as having your own merchant account and has many drawbacks.

Third-party processors typically charge much higher discount rates and transaction fees. The third-party processor has a merchant account that has its own fees that the processor has to pay, and the processor must then mark these fees up substantially to make a profit.

You have no need for third-party merchant accounts when you get your own, real merchant account with Our merchant payment services are perfect for businesses conducting Internet, mail-order, and phone-order transactions — the discount rate for credit card processing is 1.79%, and the transaction fee is 15 cents per transaction. Third-party processors typically charge more than twice that amount, charging a discount rate of 5% or more, and 50 cents per transaction. The processing costs with third-party processors are typically astronomical. Pay less by processing transactions through your own merchant services account.

For more information, please see our article “About Merchant Accounts.”


Third Party Processors Hold Your Money- We Don't

Third-party processors typically hold your money for a long time before paying you the money that YOU EARNED. The typical wait time is between 2 and 4 weeks! When you have your own merchant account with, you will get your money in only 2 to 3 days


Keep a Third Party Off Your Billing Statements

When third-party processors process credit cards, the third-party processor’s name appears on the credit card statement along with the merchant’s business name. Sometimes, the merchant’s business name might not even appear on their customer’s statement at all. This looks extremely unprofessional for merchants and is bad for business. When you have your own merchant account with, only your business name will appear on your customers’ statement, not ours.


Third Parties Aren't Typically FDIC Insured - We Are

When third-party processors hold funds, they are typically not FDIC insured. That means that if the processor goes out of business, it is unlikely the merchants will ever be able to recover the funds that were being held. When you get a real credit card merchant account with, your merchant account is issued by Wells Fargo Bank and it is FDIC insured.