New Bill Would Require Officers to Call Supervisor Before Drawing Weapons

Bill introduced in Senate

San Bernardino, CA- In a recent bill presented to the Senate, law enforcement officers would be required to request permission from their shift supervisor before utilizing their service weapon. The bill, titled “A Second Chance”, is geared towards “preventing police atrocities.” As part of the bill, officers finding themselves in a life threatening situation would first need to call their supervisor and ask before introducing their service weapon into the scenario. Further, the supervisor would then in turn have to call a local civilian committee to discuss the matter so that a community backed decision can be made. These steps would be taken prior to drawing not only their firearm but any other weapon, including tasers, OC spray and batons.

In addition to this, officers approved for use of force will be informed of the number of rounds available for use in their particular situation and they will be required to yell “fire” in between each allotted round.

BNN was able to speak to Senator (and presidential hopeful) Kamala Harris, the bill’s proud sponsor who stated, “This is just a great idea all the way around. Not only will the decreased amount of gun shots help with greenhouse gas emissions, but it will force officers to check their privilege. A person shouldn’t be shot at just because they are trying to kill a police officer.”

Proponents of the new bill say it should be viewed as a type of Community Policing, aimed at improving public relations, particularly in cities with increased amounts of police violence. A local group that identifies as Antifa is tossing their support into the ring and celebrated the bill’s introduction by smashing local parking meters with bats while wearing masks and chanting “Parking is a right so let’s make its left.”

Predictably, many police unions weren’t as ecstatic about the proposed bill. One Chicago area union representative had this to say: “Our officers would be required to take shots, and then ask permission to return fire? Is this Chicago or a UN peacekeeping mission?” Groups of officers were seen carrying in gaming consoles at the start of their shift as they are now only responding to situations where a notarized letter is received in dispatch requesting the police to a location or mitigate circumstances that may touch on requiring to enforce the law.

The Chicago Chief of Police could not be reached for a statement. BNN did reach out to his handler, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but his office declined to comment.


  1. Oh wait dont shoot. I have check with my supervisor first.

    Sorry ma’am. Your husband is dead because his supervisors phone didn’t have service.


      • While the perp has a gun on the officer “Excuse me for a minute while I call my supervisor to see if I can draw my gun to” This is ridiculous and if the supervisor isn’t answering then what? I would say they better hire several supervisors because events happen all over the city and they expect one man to be attached to the phone for all.Dumbest thing and of course Kamala the cop hater would press for this. I hope this goes down the toilet.

          • These types of articles should be left in the trash if not verified as true. Their subject matter is too important and sensitive to the thousands of LEO’s that it pertains to.

          • Yes and all comedians should also be banished from this country for fear that some may be offended or think their jokes are real. *GASP.

          • Your ideas could very easily be taken up by the far left. They think everything that is stupid is plausible. Watch what you wish for or put out there as ideas.

          • this is a sensitive issue and should not be written about in satire. if you want to be funny find something else or else you are not really funny, just political like most comedians now days who can’t entertain anymore just find fault

          • Every issue is sensitive to SOMEone. What’s sensitive about this? Mocking ridiculous trends of politicians who want to pretend they understand use of force scenarios? Because THAT is what is being poked fun at here, but maybe you disagree with that. Also, your assumptions are misplaced with me as the author, but that probably doesn’t matter to you, because you are morally superior to those around you.

          • When you consider the idiotic legislation now being pushed in Congress, this type of legislation is becoming more believable. It’s sad when even extreme satire is missed because of the reality challenged fools representing the fools who elected them.

          • LOL…The entire democratic platform is satire. No wonder people can’t tell the difference between real and satire.

          • Funny stuff, LMAO, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if the left came up with something like that. I you put them all together, you wouldn’t get 1% of a brain.

          • Then satire should be indicated either at the start of the article or at the end. With.all the idiotic Bills the Democrat Congress is putting forward something like this is believable.

          • It is indicated at the end. And in the about section. And on the FB page. And on the IG page. And everywhere. Your blindness doesn’t negate the facts.

        • This one won’t even get on the toilet. The author of this article admits to writing SATIRE and thinks it’s funny when readers don’t know that.
          I however think it’s disgusting.

        • Agree Little to late when the criminals have a gun shoot them in leg to stop if I don’t have time to call my supervisor and a criminal got a gun I’m protecting my self screw the criminals that’s there problems they committed the crime get shot and wants someone else to pay for their poor decision

          • Wow, shoot them in the leg huh? First, that is a small moving target. 2, that does not stop immediately even in a femoral artery hit. Third, buy some periods. Punctuation is important.

        • We can definitely say that no one you no has been killed by a officer. Even I cant say that they are worst than the scared rats that carried then go back a page those hands of yours would either break a yo yo or break u an tht was that killing someone an running from state to state ok hope I never have 2 read about u or yours

    • You know this article is sattire, right? MikeTheCop even says so at the end of the article. Everything he wrotes for BNN is sattire.

    • You know this article is satire, right? MikeTheCop even states such at the end of the article if you scroll down. Come on people. Get a clue.

          • I think is is only a few years before this is at least partially a reality.

            The largest perception of what the police do is arrest/control criminal activity. That is what Democrats fear, and why they want to inhibit that aspect as much as possible, so the reality is, if they could do this, they would.

    • I can believe these idiots how is someone supposed to protect and serve if they know they can not even defend themselves

    • Ok So once you are into it you know it is satire, but only after they have to get the second or third round of approval! This is California so you’re forgiven for not figuring it out earlier…also this writer isn’t all that great!

    • Hahaha. I get cameras but calling a supervisor before defending your life. Whom ever spent taxpayer money on this unconstitutional law needs to be flauged.

    • Actually, the idiot is the person that doesn’t realize the article is satire and contains zero truth. MikeTheCop even says such if you scroll down.

  2. This is about the stupidest crap I have ever heard of. If this is the kind if crap our representatives are coming up with, STOP wasting my tax dollars on their pay, take the payroll money and bill the wall. The wall certainly makes more sense than this moronic idea. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

      • Loved it!! Unfortunately i could see some of the Governmental Lawmakers trying to pass some law a long this line in the future. So many of our lawmakers seem to have LOST COMMON SENSE!

  3. Seriously??? “Hello Sarge. Yes. I have a guy pointing a gun at me. Can I….” BANG !! “Officer down.” Give me a break. Let the officers do their job and protect the citizens.

    • I will never read anything else put out by BNN or Mike the cop. Geesh,get a life we have enough to shift through already. Guys like you make life worse.

      • Shut the stupiddity up! SERIOUSLY! Go out, find a cop & THANK him/her, for keeping your sorry butt safe to sleep through the night!

  4. If this is true what will happen when someone walks into a mall with an assault rifle and opens fire? Just think of all the lives lost. She is a gotdamn idiot and that is being nice.

  5. What is even funnier than this article are people’s comments. MikeTheCop even says at the end of the article, “things I write for BNN are completely sattire”.

  6. I think they should gave a standby energenc6 committee that eouod vitebon the use of gurney. A mere majority requirement in the cases of saevrqce/ethnicity/sexuality, but a super majority in the case of inter-racial, sexual, or ethnic potential,conflict. Both sides would be required to withhold the use of lethal force until the Board makes a decision. Antifa will have permensnt death in the committee, the position of which wold be covered based on an evaluation of the socio-political history of potential member, plus a determination of whether the representative comes from money and if the possible committee person’s mom has a Volvo station wagon to give all of the the non-leader, syndacslist, consensus-builders a ride to the meeting and provide organic sandwhiches and juice boxes from non-oppressed grapes and apples


    • Shut the stupiddity up! SERIOUSLY! Go out, find a cop & THANK him/her, for keeping your sorry butt safe to sleep through the night!

  8. Satire is not what we need, our police officers are in enough danger when they are on the job. I look to this Site for real news and issues that concern or law enforcement. The extreme Liberal Socialist could eeasily tajke this and run with it. That is right up with their views. If you insist on writing satire, say so in the beginning. It has gotten way to serious in our country to not have that known at the beginning. It is not haha funny when we have a political party that is trying to destroy our culture and way of life, and take away our individual rights. There is so much to be concerned about and you-Mikethe cop want to make fun of us who do care about our country and the officers that serve us. For shame!!! This is from an old coot that served in Vietnman and came back home to be called baby killer and have feces and urine thrown on me when I returned to US of A soil. If you only post this crap it needs to be blocked.

    • When you put someone’s picture at the top like Kamala Harris, you give the article a smattering of credibility because she and those like her would propose something like this

  9. Please tell me this is a joke! What kind of lunatic would even come up with such a thought???? There is no possible way this is accurate.

  10. Yeah sure, whatever. If someone’s shooting at me I’m shooting back, not calling a friend. It will never pass and won’t work if it does. Epic stupidity.

  11. Dude, your joke has EVERY chance of becoming reality, the way things are going now.
    You had me going there for a few min 🙂

  12. Sattire or comedy or whatever you wanna call it. I don’t see the point in drawing up a caption and picture of Harris for comedy (shawdy click bait that has no benefit for law enforcement or the public). As is apparent even here, people who don’t read thoroughly, share the story, which causes everyone to get stirred up over the sky falling.

    There is already so much question as to where the proffession of Law Enforcement in America is heading and what rights will be afforded to criminals and taken away from officers next.

    BNN is the Enquirer of Law Enforcement, prove me wrong.. I’ll wait

    • You don’t need to wait. We are blatantly saying it’s fake. Just because you don’t like it, we won’t be changing. Go read what you enjoy.

      • honestly, i think it’s fine. it isn’t like i could stop you even if i wanted to. frankly i don’t want to, as i think the 1st ammendment is far more important than the 2nd.

        i *do* wish that people would learn critical thinking skills and how to read a bit more carefully.

        nothing you can do about that, though. i mean, you state *extremely* clearly that this was a fake article.

  13. Satire Bullshit!!! This is a mind programming to some idiots!!!We won’t yell satire when policmen start getting killed from this bullshit!! I was building hard time before lots of you were thinking of becoming a policeman!!! Most of you KIDS(policemen) don’t have a clue how a crooks mind works!!

  14. This is the dumbest shit I ever heard. Let’s give the bad guy the upper hand. So as the officer is being attacked he is somehow supposed to ask permission then wait 15min for them to say ok. A lot of this stuff happens in seconds. they dont know what’s going to happen soon as they pull up. Go on a traffic stop and guy gets out shooting what are you supposed to do. Call and pray while you wait for the ok.

  15. The rules are just getting dumber. So let’s really look at this. So an armed person has more rights than the officers. Hey Sargent I been shot can I please return fire,as the family is looking at his casket cause he had to wait for permission. WOW HOW STUPID. Does these people really live in the same world we do. Take away their body guards and put them in a policeman’s position. I bet they would see how stupid this is.

  16. JESUS PEOIPLE. THIS IS **LITERALLY** FAKE NEWS. Like, I mean, completely actually literally fake. As in someone wrote this to yank your chain, and IT LITERALLY SAYS THEY DID THAT at the bottom of the article!!

    In the years since the 2016 elect, no one has learned how to discern this yet???????

    • with all the BS stupid bills libtards are putting out there this is more believable than those, this author is a dickhead pure and simple, there went a minute of my life I won’t get back what an mf’s BLUENEWS FO !

  17. Very apparent how few people actually read the whole article or it source. I love this site. I love how absurd policing is that people will so readily believe this stuff.

  18. I love how it’s a satire piece making fun of dumb ass right wingers and all the dumb ass right wingers in the comments couldn’t even figure out that it’s satire! 😂🤣😂🤣

  19. This article is nonsense. Have any of you idiots looked up the bill? Conveniently there is no source listed here. More bullshit from people who can’t think for themselves. Try looking up AB 392

  20. I love how the dumb ass left wingers are making fun of right wingers not getting the fact its satire, but they still think Trump is a Russian spy…. L O L

    • Sorry honey but it’s the “dumb ass” left people that needed to tell you that this article is meant to be funny and not one person on the left said that Trump was a “Russian spy”. It’s a little more complicated than that and it looks like “we” don’t need to prove anything, basically his whole cabinet will be behind bars in the next 6 months.

      • You must be talking about the piece of shit Obama and his whole administration behind bars. Evacuee it is that piece of shit that needs to be behind bars. Thank God for Donald Trump because we would have already been completely taken over by the Muslims by now with Hillary president and the country would be in complete financial ruin by now.

  21. Did the guards who worked at Odumbo’s Chicago mansion for 9 years who carried firearms ask for permission to deal with incidents they encountered. Such as the shooting murder of a girl just a block away?

  22. Featuring a real senator’s name and photo in this article is distancing it from satire, and it’s misleading and riling up too many people. Should seriously consider making some edits.

  23. Maybe the senator should be put in a life threatening situation and see if she would like to have the officer call first

  24. Satire? Not funny at all if you’ve lost a loved one wearing a badge….politically motivated? Sad you must resort to fake news even if you claim just Satire at the END because some people get angry and do not finish to the end they are so disgusted with political correctness or police bashing…take it down if it’s not true and stop the bullshit

    • No, I’m not gonna take it down and you don’t get to tell me what to do in the name of me having lost someone wearing a badge. You don’t have to think it’s funny. But what is funny is that your panties get all bunched up and you feel the need to comment about it on the internet. Feel better?

  25. Well it sounds like a great idea. This will reduce deaths of both police and perps. The officer can show up for roll call and then get into their cruisers and shut their radios off and sit the entire shift in the parking lot. This will not only save gas for cities and towns but also wear and tear on the cruisers. Who on God’s green earth comes up with something like this? A policeman’s job is bad enough without putting them in more harm.

  26. I can see it now….. Cop dials chiefs number…. ring ring Pick up! Pick up!!! ring ring…. “We’re sorry, the person you are calling is unavailable to speak right now, please leave your “BANG 🔫”

  27. It is amazing to read all the comments of those who think they are so brilliant for observing that this is satire. The problem is that there are so many on the far left who are proposing outrageous and insane policy such as the new green deal by Ocasio Cortes that it is hardly surprising that that many would not see through the satire. I did not “see through it.” The reason is that there are many Democrats on the far left who would propose such lunacy. It is disappointing to see so many comments in which people simply refer to the opposing side as idiots and do not present any arguments in support of what they believe. Ordinarily I would chide myself for not seeing through the “satire,” but sadly, it would not surprise me if some Democrats proposed such an insane plan.

    • There’s nothing outrageous or insane about the New Green Deal, but people like you, who are 100% uninformed regarding the policy, scream and cry about it like it’s some monstrous boogieman. Get therapy.

  28. This is the biggest load of Shit I have ever heard in my life. So who is going to tell the family of another fallen officer that he was killed because he wasn’t allowed to defend himself. I say when we stop the police from doing there job effectively then we may as well just throw all the rules out the window and when the shit hits the fan and society is in Chaos Then society as we know it will best lost. The police aren’t Perfect but having no law and order is worse. Maybe I’m strange but I never thought to argue with or run from or shoot at the Police.

  29. Mike the cop this isn’t satire this is spreading fake news and you’re an ass. This is not a subject that should be subjected to satire. Grow up and try and be funny somewhere else.

  30. Lol ya just never know…. You might give her the idea to actually try and get this passed. To many nutty overpaid politicians out there. 😊

  31. Although this is a “joke” that I dont find funny what so ever.. everyone should look up the OODA loop that goes against everything this article says and is taught in ALL law enforcement… if a law like this ever became true, I would give it a proud middle finger! Make that a double!

  32. I have my issues with cops, but I’m not about to support something as reckless and utterly stupid as this. To further place them in harm’s way without recourse to defend themselves proactively is to basically declare open season on killing cops. Now, if we were to allow open season on radical left-wing socialists/communists/anarchists, I could get behind that.

  33. Having retired from law enforcement I’m in total agreement with “Anonymous” – to write about such things that are being called into question moreso by the day, it’s in very poor judgement to joke about. This is a deadly serious topic for quite a lot of officers & citizens, and to mock the topic seriously calls your judgement into question. Obviously from what you’ve expressed in “about us”, you obviously don’t care what anyone thinks of this, but the irrational state of some of our present day legislators really makes this of very poor taste. Be more professional than the & if in fact you are in law enforcement, seriously consider another line of work because it’s obvious that you don’t respect the one that you’re in!

    • You…are…a…complete…dolt. And as such, you are part of the problem that leads to satirical articles being perceived as genuine. You’re probably the guy who still wears LE attire and handcuff tie tacks ling after hanging it up. Move on dipshit.

  34. When the value of the satire is lost, then it has no value! It borders reality a bit too closely to serve either end, so…. Art must be appreciable to be appreciated, so…. We don’t argue with your right to do this Mike, we just want to see you turn out a more useful, amusing or enlightening product! Cheers!

  35. This Bill is ridiculous and a can not believe an actual adult who is supposed to be intelligent wrote this bill and believes it’s a great idea. This only thing it will do is get Officers killed… I’m sorry bad guy… please stop shooting at me so I can call the Sergeant to verify that the community will let me defend myself. BANG BANG. bad guy didn’t wait… Officer isn’t returning to his family…. this political need to go do some training with a local police department to actually dr how fast things move.

  36. I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea!
    But to perfect it, I think the cop and the shooter should be required to go to the closest donut shop and discuss their feelings while awaiting approval

  37. 1) it won’t pass, 2) if it did pass any sane officer should quit and move, 3) this should be titled, “How to get an officer killed on duty”

  38. Funny, well written satire. Sounds almost plausible until you get a few paragraphs into the story. What’s sad is that some idiot left-coast policritters would love to author this kind of legislation if they thought they could get away with it.

  39. This has to be parody. Seriously?! How many more dead officers will we have if this goes anywhere? And the fact that the scum out there would know that officers CANT draw!!!? Oh F*CK NO!!!

  40. You people make my head hurt. I came here because someone shared this on my timeline lol Do you just share ANYTHING you see on your timeline? Please fact-check this fake ass news. BNN (Blue news network) aka Bullshit News Now, says on their site that “BNN is a source for law enforcement satire. Contact us at: [email protected]” Even the writer of this says its satire… ughhh people will literally believe ANYTHING!!

  41. As a retired civilian and military law enforcement officer, I find these satirical articles absolutely hilarious!! And if you don’t too, then you’re a complete dick.

    I find them to be funny because each and every article touches on a topic that in one way or another actually presented itself as a fraction of the truth, in real life. These ass-burned anonymous commenters are in many cases most likely police supervisors, chiefs, city officials, and/or ass-kissing, tube slurping, officers hoping to be one of the above.

    Our liberal, over the top, left leaning, society has all but abandoned freedom of speech because it’s “too dangerous”, “too offensive” (Whoooo gives a shit?), “too serious of a topic”, and the most absolutely douchbag comment of all “might give bad guys ideas”. (A complete idiot must have said that).

    Look….Over my civilian police career I had a weird troll of a man-chief who never left his office and wrote policy all day, and one that was likely bi-polar or suffering from a long, undiagnosed, closed head injury. As well as many small man syndrome, little guy supervisors. Each one of them literally made decisions based on the presumably small size of their johnson. ….and fear of not pleasing the man by using common sense.

    MTC is not far off the mark from the satirical topics presented.

  42. I know as ridiculous as a law/ruling like this sounds, those idiots may actually try and make such a law. To me it’s sad to see how far this country as slid down the hill.

  43. Thanks Mike for the laugh. Not necessarily at the article, but illustrating how dumb Americans can be by being outraged by something that is very obviously satire. Those that understood it was satire and still are offended are even dumber.

  44. Hey everyone! Know what you are reading!

    Scroll to the bottom…
    “BNN is your source for law enforcement satire“

  45. These are the kind of people that we have running our government???? This is one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever heard for a bill ridiculous

  46. This is yet another example of Wit Privilege. For far too long, the witty – people who understand most, if not all, of the jokes – have enjoyed unfair advantages over the witless. If I am elected to Congress in 2020, I will sponsor legislation for proper labeling of all jokes, so that everyone can be in on the jokes for a change. Furthermore, I will seek educational funding for classes in remedial humor. The playing field must be leveled. Short of that, the laughter must stop.

  47. I was totally believing this could happen because this is what has happened to discipline in the classroom. So much paperwork and red tape before taking action. Children have no respect for authority and it carries over to their adult lives.

  48. I have solution for that stupid irresponsible idea. The individuals needing assistance from the police department must first put in a call to the individual who purposed this stupid irresponsible idea. The idiot and a board must approve the police department action. The idiot and the board must go to scene of call after the individual and appointed board personally prior to the police department responding to scene and assess appropriate action. They must stay on scene until police arrive and take appropriate action. If the idiot who purposed such a stupid law dies prior to him and his team making the decision of appropriate action, police may respond immediately and take any action deemed appropriate to the contain situation. If the idiot and team dies the next group of idiots who also agrees with such stupid law will be replacement assessment team until all idiots are gone.

  49. Mikethecop, you sir are an idiot!! Why would anyone think this is funny to write?! To most people it looks like a legitimate article and you get people going crazy over something you thought was funny and IS NOT. Then you give the far left even crazier ideas than they already try to pass thru. Just stop and think what your words are going to do before you put them out there with the disguise of “real journalism”.

    • It’s not under the guise of real journalism though. Perhaps you’re trying to troll – kudos. If not – get a 3rd grade education so you can read.

  50. The problem with Satire is that when it is too close to being believable, it is not really satire. Then you read something that is so absurd it HAS to be satire, then realize it isn’t.

    You got a tough job to do MiketheCop. I don’t envy you.

  51. How stupid hang on before you shoot me let me call my Supervisor so I can shoot back yeah right get real. I think if the law enforcement officer should have the right to deploy his or her gun anytime that their lives are immediate Danger just in case you don’t realize it we live in a different world now days people don’t think with common sense anymore the crooks are to get you to

  52. Let’s put Kamala Harris in the middle of a gun fight and see how fast this life gets saved while the officer is waiting for the civilian committee to vote!

  53. Cortez what’s-her-face from New York would back the idea in a hearbeat! Unfortunately, she has no idea what “supervisor” means since she’s never had a job.

  54. They could not be reached for comment and or decline to comment because its political suicide to say what they like to such as the truth. When you no longer have police to protect you, sinceyiu want to restrict them from the ability to protect themselves and or others, have fun with the aftermath cleanup of thousands dead in you streets. This post just goes to prove they (DEMOCRATS) dont give two shits about you the people or those that are there to protect you by any stretch of the imagination. So as a retired police sgt. These fuck tards you people keep electing will be your certain DEATH.

  55. This is the stupidest satire I’ve ever read in social media…..only a Cophater would come up with crap like this…

  56. I understand it’s satire- albeit a poor excuse for it and not entertaining in the least bit. The funny thing is that it’s absolutely believable that something like this would be brought up and supported by just about any liberal out there.
    Maybe you gave your friends a great idea to support in the future with this garbage.. who knows? I guess time will tell. You should be so proud!

  57. Okay, this honestly sounds too ridiculous to be true. At least I hope it’s not true, but nothing would surprise me these days. I would hope that not even the democrats are THAT out of touch with reality to pass something so stupid!

  58. Satire and sarcasm are extremely difficult concepts to deal with and put forth, as evidenced by the number of people commenting who believe the facts stated in the article are real (even though the author declares the article to be satire). Unfortunately some people will read only what they want to see and pass it on as fact. Also, unfortunately, these same people vote. Such is the risk that is taken in writing satire or sarcasm, I guess.

  59. Fools. Most cops will find employment elsewhere. The cops that stay will be killed. The lawmakers in this country favor criminals and illegals…the country is crumbling.

  60. Ok now all of you officers are Superviseors with all the power and authority it brings! You have to power , same as you had yesterday to draw your weapons, only difference your now a authorized Supervisior, you can supervise and control the public and the situations as they occur. Be Safe

  61. YEAH, Kamala Harris…. Wait right here and hopefully that criminal won’l rob/rape or kill you before I get permission to draw my legally issued duty service handgun to protect your a$$….. Dumbshit.

    • MiketheCop if your comment denoting that you write satire were included within the story headline it would be better for people (like myself) that have not read your bylines or this particular site previously…I am a skimmer and missed that particular fact…

  62. Kamala put on the uniform and go and patrol the streets and then get a call where you encounter a dangerous life and death situation that requires you to take immediate action then you can call your idiot boss Gavin Newsome to give you permission to take action

  63. 100% ignorant article. Grow up and find a means to be an accomplished viable journalist because this is total BS. Be ashmed.


  65. This is honestly the dumbest thing I have ever read in my life. This is what’s wrong with our country, things like this. A person shouldn’t be shot just because they are trying to kill a police officer?!!! Well don’t call a police officer when your life is at risk because your crack dealer wants money. This is obsured, I’m fully ashamed to know I live in the same country as these people…

  66. I have never heard of something so stupid. If you have never been in a gun fight then you have no knowledge about how fast an incident can escalate. You barely have time to draw you weapon and call for help when faced with an active shooter. You do not have time to call your supervisor, give a detailed explanation of what’s happening before getting permission to draw and fire your weapon. By that time, you are dead. Problem easily resolved, give the person who thought up this bill the same equipment an officer has and put them with an officer responding to calls for a month. The results will be eye-opening. Or better yet, officers don’t respond to hot calls/active shooters calls without prior approval of their supervisor. If this law is ever passed, l hope the officers resign, move somewhere else so they can go home to their families each day.

  67. Satire or not, given BHO’s past crippling “Rules of Engagement” for our military in the Middle East it is not so far fetched that either in CA, another liberal state or country wide, a liberal exec officer could and would indeed suggest such a ridiculous & dangerous protocol! I am certain that the group BLM would be,if not already, applauding such a rule!

  68. Whoever proposed this is anti-cop and wants them all dead. There is no other reason or excuse for proposing such an ignorant, brain-dead, idea.

  69. Just when you thought the Left already went crazy and probably cant come up with any more crazy idea’s, and Wham there is another one, I am going to Curse today, What Fucked up These Crazy Leftist brains when they were born or were they Later in life maybe Brain washed by crazy Professors.
    No Air planes, no Farting Cows kill old people past 75, I think it would be more sensible to kill all the Leftist, In fact if this shit keeps up I think the Right will finally be fed up and there is going to be a political revolution in this country equal to the Civil War. And we on the Right have the Guns you ass holes.

  70. If this bill passes I would retire my badge and my fire arm because my life is worth more than taking the time to call my supervisor asking permission to draw my weapon when I have some person unloading 90 rounds out AK47 at me and my partner I am not going to wait to ask permission to draw my weapon. They can find some one else who has no brains to waste to take time to call their surpervisor if you can draw your weapon. This like punishing your child for bad behavior. If think officers going to sit their allowing someone to go off shooting spree while you call your suprivisor people you have to your brain examine.


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