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Moonlighting presents a new digital video series that follows celebrities in the music industry as they use the power of Moonlighting to provide freelancers with the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Post your gig, flex, or one-time jobs to connect with qualified on-demand candidates locally and virtually.

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Check the People feed or Moonbeam to find Moonlighters ready to work, message them instantly, read or leave reviews, and hire the perfect person for your job!

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With Moon$hot, quickly pay your Moonlighter for the work done without ever leaving the app! Head to chat, enter your amount, and hit send!

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Post your services and get discovered on mobile and in search by people looking to hire freelancers, flex, and part-time workers just like you.

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Get notified when jobs are posted in your area or offered virtually. Instantly connect with clients to start working on-demand.

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Send professional invoices and get paid instantly with Moon$hot payments through chat. AND never pay any commission fees for the work you do!

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Home & Handyman

Plumbers, Landscapers, Painters, Lawn Care, Contractors

Tech & Web

Graphic Design, Web Development, Computer Repair, Social Media


Cleaners, Tutors, Childcare, House Sitting, Dog Walking


Drivers, Movers, Truck Drivers, Delivery Services, Mobile Mechanics

Business Services

Accountants, Data Entry, Marketers, Retail, Sales & Customer Service


Photographers, Event Planners, Caterers, Bartenders/Waiters, DJs


Artists, Custom Goods, Creative Writers, Interior Designers, Crafts

Health & Fitness

Personal Trainers, Caregivers, Yoga Instructors, Nutritionists, Coaches

What Our Community is Saying

With using the Moonlighting app I have been able to get paid for my services with the easy process of accepting a payment that can go directly in your bank account.



The process of Moonlighting flows great, and there was no confusion at all! I was also able to get paid through the Moonlighting App without any issues.


Greenwood Beautification & Maintenance

I have been able to meet new clients and interact with the world in a brand new way. I feel more successful and more confident as a blogger and writer. I also can't believe how easy it was to get paid!


Freelance Writer & Life Coach

I wrote the job request. In about 20 minutes or less, I got a response. Done and done!



I'm just amazed at the level of customer service you all have been showing me. I feel like I'm a part of the team there!


Graphic Designer

The Moonlighters who've responded to my last two jobs have gotten the work done quickly and exactly how I requested! I was also able to pay them with ease through the app which made the whole process a lot easier for all of us.


Small Business Owner - Debris Removal

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