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I've been attending the pole fanatics studio now for a few years.
All staff are incredibly friendly,... professional and upbeat! They push you hard, can have a laugh and always look after your best interests. The whole studio has an amazing vibe and you always feel welcome - I would have zero desire to move on somewhere else. This team has got your back! See More
Pole Fanatics have the most welcoming, well-equipped studio in town. The gorgeous teachers turned un-coordinated, unfit, classically 'non-sporty' gal into a bendy lady happy to get up on stage and perform gravity-defying tricks alongside my fabulous friends.
It's amazing to find out just how much your body can do, and the Pole Fanatics instructors will make sure you're having so much fun you don't even notice the killer workout.
Would recommend this studio to anyone, from absolute beginners to already advanced dancers.
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Life is too short for boring workouts! If you hate gyms but still want the motivation of a fitness ...classes, this studio is perfect! I've made great friends over the years & it's been so motivating seeing everyone progress on their aerial journey. The instructors have a contagious passion for everything aerial & will get you stronger, leaner & fitter without you even realising it! You will get your moneys worth as the classes are so much fun, you don't want to miss one or you may get a case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Plus they have great deals for multiple classes, unlike those gym memberships you say you will use... but never do! See More
We've been in Singapore this week teaching Aerial Hoop Workshops for Miss Lyra Australia Miss Lyra Australia Thank you so much to Starz Aerial Dance School Starz Aerial Dance School for having us 🌟🌟🌟 It's been so much fun and everyone has been so amazing!! The talent over here is super impressive!! Hopefully we can come visit again sometime soon ✈ #misslyraaustralia #misslyra #lyra #aerialhoops #lyraworkshop #splititoutworkshop #singapore #birdofparadise #standingsplit #crossoversplit #hipsplit #polefanatics #polefanaticsexploringtheworld
Miss Clare takes some time out from her Euro trip to say "HI" to everyone and help us announce the theme for the 2015 Student Show Case! We miss you Clare xoxo
Halloween is better than Christmas at our studio! We are obsessed! Take the tour of our haunted studio and come celebrate Halloween with us this Saturday when we host a very spooktacular Doubles Workshop with the freakishly talented Ruth and Tiff from Enchanted. Small amount of spots still available 10:30am to 12pm on Halloween day