The Canadian Polar Data Network aims to develop a research data management infrastructure for the most recent International Polar Year program. We have significant experience with developing a distributed preservation backbone, curating data across the research lifecycle, producing standards-based research metadata, contributing to data and metadata standards, working collaboratively with multiple institutions and across sectors to preserve data, sharing knowledge and aligning with communities of practice. We encourage and welcome new collaborations with researchers and partners.

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Latest Updates

May 2013:

The CPDN is pleased to announce its completion of The Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS): Data and Information Management for Science and Technology report, which outlines requirements, expectations, and goals for CHARS with respect to Arctic data and information management. This substantial document will aid the CHARS program as they move forward with planning.

January 2013:

Final versions of the Data Deposit Agreement and Governance Charter have been uploaded to the Resources page. The Governance Charter has also been summarized and split between the PurposeHistoryPrinciples, and Governance pages of this website for your convenience.

December 2012:

Content was added to the following sections:

August 2012:

The current status of IPY metadata and data in the Polar Data Catalogue is as follows:

  • Number of IPY metadata available for searching online = 696
  • Number of IPY projects with metadata = 48
  • Number of IPY datasets in the PDC = 102
  • Number available online (public access, not limited) = 49
  • Total number of IPY files in the archive = 11,678

More IPY metadata is expected to be submitted or reviewed.

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