Polar Data Catalogue Metadata

The Canadian Polar Data Network (CPDN) data archiving infrastructure is composed of several components that are shared by the Network, but operated by individual members. Components that serve different functions require different kinds of metadata. The network is committed to employing international standards for all types of metadata.

For descriptive metadata, CPDN currents follows the established practice of the Polar Data Catalogue (PDC), which serves as the network’s data submission platform and catalogue. PDC uses the Federal Geographic Data Committee’s (FGDC) Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) in conjunction with a locally maintained
keyword vocabulary (PDC keywords). For further information, consult PDC metadata documentation.

CPDN has also committed to implementing the North American Profile of ISO 19115:2003 (NAP), at such time as it becomes practical to do so. The network has prepared the CPDN Best Practices for NAP Metadata for CPDN implementation of NAP. When registering datasets with DataCite for Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), metadata is submitted in the DataCite schema. It is anticipated that PREMIS will be used for preservation metadata.

Links to resources:
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CPDN Best Practices for NAP Metadata