Data Deposit Agreement

The Canadian Polar Data Network (CPDN) provides preservation and access services for Arctic and Antarctic data resulting from or related to Canadian research and monitoring activities. The operation of the Network is carried out by its members under the terms and conditions of the CPDN Governance Charter. The CPDN Partner Members, as defined in the Charter, are hereinafter referred as the Partners.

The Data Deposit Agreement a non-exclusive licence that honours all applicable intellectual property rights inherent to the original data. The Agreement does not transfer these rights from the Depositor to the Partners. The Intellectual Property Rights that the Depositor or the data owner may have in the data shall remain the property of the data owner. Intellectual Property Rights that the Partners or third parties may have in the data shall remain their property.

The Agreement is made between the Partners and the Depositor or a Representative Agent.

If applicable, the Depositor provides the Partners with a copy of the official statement of ethics approval for this Data Collection, along with the signed copy of this agreement.

A copy of the CPDN’s Data Deposit Agreement can be downloaded here.

Please read all the terms of the agreement before accepting its terms and conditions. 

Note: If you wish to discuss any variation to these access conditions, please contact the Canadian Polar Data Network at