In addition to preservation and long-term access, CPDN makes all efforts to support the discovery of International Polar Year data by:

  • Disseminating copies of data according to a Dissemination Licence Agreement.
  • Promoting and advertising the data in any form of publicity about the CPDN.
  • Incorporating metadata to describe, catalogue, validate and document the data.
  • Providing unrestricted and open access to the Data Collection’s metadata.

CPDN achieves these goals with the assistance of the Polar Data Catalogue and utilising DataCite Canada.

The Polar Data Catalogue (PDC) is an online searchable database of metadata that describes, catalogues and identifies access points to the diverse data sets generated by polar researchers. The scope of research covers a range of disciplines, from natural sciences to policy to health and social sciences. The catalogue includes a web-based mapping interface that can combine spatial referencing with keywords, categories and date, allowing researchers to search for spatial data. The PDC includes PDCLite, a low bandwidth version created for Northern partners and users whose internet speed is limited.

DataCite Canada is data registration service that provides Canadian data centres ith a mechanism for registering research data and assigning digital object identifiers (DOIs) to them. DOIs help data producers take control of the management of their research, share, get credit for it and build their reputation through data citations. DataCite Canada’s services are offered in cooperation with DataCite, an international consortium of national-scale libraries and research organizations committed to increasing access to research data online.