a. Membership Composition
Any interested organization able to meet the membership requirements (see Section 5.b) is eligible to participate in the CPDN.  There must be a minimum of two regular members for the CPDN to function.  There is no maximum number of members; however, the addition of new members to the CPDN must be paced to allow for their successful integration into the Network.

Membership categories include:

  • Partner Member – An institutional node in the Network directly responsible for the resourcing and operation of data preservation, access and stewardship activities as supported by the Network.
  • Associate Member – A member that does not deal directly with the technical details of data collection, curation, distribution and preservation, but contributes funding or other support to Partner Member nodes.  An Associate Member may participate in technical, metadata and other planning committees and discussions.
  • Affiliate Member – A member interested and supportive of the endeavor but that does not contribute direct funding or other material support and does not have representation on the Steering Committee.  An Affiliate Member may serve as a coordinating agent across other networks and consortia that have common interests and goals.
Member Category Responsibilities Decision-making powers
Partner Provide essential continuous core service and infrastructure Membership in Steering Committee, Technical Committee
Associate Provide peripheral, value-added resource support Membership in spin-off Working Groups
Affiliate Vested interests, advocacy, community voices Advocate their priorities to the Network

As of 15 January 2013, the CPDN has the following members:

Partner Members

  • The University of Alberta Libraries
  • The University of Waterloo, Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
  • Ontario Council of University Libraries, Scholars Portal
  • Government of Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Integrated Science Data Management
  • Government of Canada, National Research Council, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information

Associate Members

  • Government of Canada, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

b. Requirements for Membership

Partner Membership

  • Partner institutions must be able to provide, set up, or maintain ongoing core services or infrastructure that meets the technical specifications required by the Network as defined in the Network’s Technical Specifications document.
  • Member institutions must express a long-term commitment to the Network, with the understanding that a minimum commitment is three (3) years.
  • All Partner members will sign a Memorandum of Understanding that includes a statement of their contribution to the operation of the Network.

Associate Membership

  • Associate Members may be admitted under one of the following criteria:
  • Provision of funding to support the ongoing activities of the CPDN, or
  • Provision of non-data, non-monetary support in the form of software development or value-added services for a fixed period of time (e.g., acting as a coordinating agent for a specific dataset).
  • An Associate Member will join the Network via a written agreement defining the nature of their relationship with the Network.

Affiliate Membership

  • Affiliate Members are organizations sharing common interests and priorities with the Network that advocate for polar interests and research, and provide a voice supportive of the Network’s goals and activities. Affiliate members are expected to promote the development and success of the Network.

Members may also be clients of the Network. A client may be an organization or an individual who provides a data contribution to the Network that falls within the criteria set forth in the Collection Policy.

c. Applications for Membership
The Network will consider written applications for membership from any institution that has a stake in scientific data management. New members will be reviewed and approved by the Steering Committee as applications are submitted.

d. Withdrawing from the Network

Partner Members agree to participate in the Network for a minimum initial term of three years. If a Partner wishes to withdraw from the Network, they must provide a minimum of eighteen months’ written notice to the Chair of the Network Steering Committee. Upon withdrawal from the Network, the withdrawing member’s content or services must be transferred to other members of the Network, through a process to be agreed upon by the withdrawing member and the Network, as represented by the Steering Committee. Once the transfer of content is complete, the withdrawing member must delete any content from their infrastructure that is of a sensitive nature.

Associate Members can withdraw within the terms of their agreement with the Network.

Affiliate Members must notify the Network in writing of their intent to withdraw.

Failure to Comply
The Steering Committee may, at its discretion, revoke the membership of any Member organization.