Stand Up Guy

As he winds up a tour with Metallica, former South Bay skate-punk Joe Sib brings his stand-up act to The Ritz Read More

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Thu Mar 7

ABC's Dancing With the Stars has long been a ratings behemoth on the small screen. But it also draws big crowds to live productions at theaters around the country. This week the tour comes to San Jose, featuring many of the show's…

Thu Mar 7-10

See, touch and even test drive the very latest in automotive design--including hundreds of new cars, crossovers, trucks and SUV's. The Silicon Valley Auto Show is the perfect place for show goers to compare new models in a non-selling…

Thu Mar 7-10

When the low-born Monty Navarro learns that he's eighth in line for a family fortune, he figures his chances of outliving his predecessors are slight and so he sets off down a ghoulish path. Can he knock off his unsuspecting relatives…

Fri Mar 8

If you think about it, Santana Row is the perfect spot to relive the '80s. The whole shopping center has the McMansion look of Tony Montana's Miami hideout, replete with bull market prices and Reagan-era extravagances. But this…

Fri Mar 8

Lonnie Holley, one of the most innovative contemporary artists and musicians working today, will be speaking and performing in concert at the Cantor.

Fri Mar 8-10

Sarah Goldman invents a boyfriend to be the man of her mother's dreams then hires an actor to be that guy! What could go wrong? Watch as human improvisation and here's a good idea! bring comic situations that, in the end, well, you'll…

Sat Mar 9

Those who are a part of this city's nightlife scene know that San Jose is a lot like a small town. People watch out for each other. So when news of Robbie Matthews' untimely death reached Rachel Warner of The Caravan, one of Matthews'…

Sat Mar 9

Crafting high-quality beer starts with a flower. Most beer enthusiasts, however, will only experience the bitter punch of hops in a mug. But at the Hop 'N Vine Festival hop-heads will have the opportunity to get hands-on with whole…

Sat Mar 9

Dubstep began in England as a contemplative alternative to the more hard-edged styles of British club music, but by the time Skrillex came around, it was all car commercials, L.A. skylines and vodka tent pop-ups. Though they aren't…

Thru Mar 10

The Sunnyvale Community Players have been sticking to the classics this year, and their forthcoming show is no exception. The local theater company's annual junior production is "Bye Bye Birdie." The musical follows a group of local…

Thru Mar 10

Sarah Goldman invents a boyfriend to be the man of her mother's dreams -- then hires an actor to be that guy! What could go wrong? Watch as human improvisation and "here's a good idea!" bring comic situations that, in the end, well,…

Thru Mar 24

Fans of French electronic composer Anthony Gonzalez (better known as M83) are familiar with his capacity for creating vibrant and electrifying compositions. This is the man, after all, who named his hit 2011 album Hurry Up, We're…

Thru Mar 31

You've heard of Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis, but if you're not a student of early rock & roll, you may not know much about Sister Rosetta Tharpe. A generation older than those landmark names, Tharpe was a critical influence…


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Music & Clubs

Henry Kapono at Montalvo Arts Center

KING HAWAIIAN: One of the most enduring voices in Hawaiian music, Henry Kapono comes to the Montalvo Arts Center.

Known by his last name—the Hawaiian word for righteous—Kapono has been a musical representative for his home state since the ’60s. He has taken home 14 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards—Hawaii’s Grammy—including Album of the Year and Lifetime Achievement. In the ’70s he played with the duo Cecilio & Kapono, the first Hawaiian… » Read More

Why Don’t We at San Jose State Event Center

SUIT UP: Rising vocal group Why Don't We comes to the Event Center in support of debut full length '8 Letters.'

There’s just something about putting a bunch of talented singers together with some top notch producers, dressing them up in sharp suits and letting the cameras roll. It worked with The Monkees, it worked with The Supremes, it worked with The Backstreet Boys and it’s surely working with Why Don’t We. Comprising… » Read More

Adam Hambrick at City National Civic

ALL NIGHTER: Up and coming Nashville artist Adam Hambrick stops by the City National Civic for some pure country pop.

It is derided as a lesser art form—not heady enough for the classical and jazz crowds; not gritty or pure enough for devotees of rock & roll, hip-hop and “real” country. It is manufactured, overly processed, formulaic. It is simple. But these critiques miss the point. There is something truly and sublimely… » Read More


Review: 'Us'

Break out your decoder rings; the flawed but intriguing Us's political subtleness is hidden by its straightforward terror. Among other things, Jordan Peele's follow up to Get Out breaks a long drought. Santa Cruz, with its deep cold bay and hoodooed mountains, ought to be California's Transylvania. Instead, it's remembered for The Lost Boys, which is just The Goonies wearing plastic vampire fangs. There hasn't been a good movie made there since Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988). Now the curse is lifted, even if much of Us is shot in a lake in the San Bernardino Mountains. » Read More

Review: 'Captive State'

The script by Wyatt and his wife Erica Beeney doesn't center around the usual young adult-lit style hero, with one brave warrior giving hope. Rather, the rebels are odd types: nurses, teachers, whores and street criminals, prepared not be taken alive. The aliens monitor all broadband, so the resistance uses analog technology: reel to reel tapes, carrier pigeons, typewriters, and secret messages hidden in cigarette papers. We're lured into the story through a we-are-the-dead set of lovers, like Winston and Julia in 1984. In the nighttown slums of Pilsner, a Chicago suburb, sex worker "Jane Doe" (Vera Farmiga) has luxuries, a record player and a vase of fresh cut flowers. Her trick is the secret policeman William Mulligan (John Goodman). » Read More

The Arts

Review: 'Marie and Rosetta'

The sequins on Rosetta's purple dress sparkled more intensely every time the actress playing her began to sing. That may have been a trick of the light, but Michelle E. Jordan inhabited the character with verve the minute she opened her eyes. In the opening scene of Marie and Rosetta, Marie Knight (Marissa Rudd) is applying rouge to Rosetta's cheeks. They're in a funeral parlor getting ready to rehearse their first performance together. The two women will also be staying there for the night, coffins and all, because they're on tour in the South, where white hotel owners won't allow African American guests. Rosetta has just hired Marie after hearing her perform backing vocals for her contemporary, Mahalia Jackson. » Read More

Review: 'Bullets Over Broadway'

There is some excess, sure--interactions are melodramatic, the accents are ridiculous--but it's all part of the fun. As David, Adam Cotugno is hopeful and cherubic, serving as a straight man foil to the rest of the miscreant cast. Nick Mandracchia as Cheech is shrewd but comical, pouncing on David's innocence in a believable but entertaining duel of wits. Carla Befera as Helen Sinclair is perfectly boozy and fierce. However, the standout role is Olive, played by Jocelyn Pickett. She upstages almost everyone else by default. Through song and monologue, she is bombastic without being overbearing, raucous without being lewd, coalescing in a hilarious performance that carries the show in loud, parade-like package. » Read More

'Volta' Goes For Big Air, Comes Up Short

For those who grew up in a world where the police regularly chased skateboarders out of public squares, Cirque du Soleil's action sports-embracing Volta is a kind of bittersweet vindication. The mainstream acceptance of all forms of extreme athleticism is nothing new. Gleaming the Cube hit movie theaters in 1989. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater debuted on the Playstation in 1999. And in October, Apple released a commercial for its latest iPhone X model that featured a gaggle of free runners cartwheeling down flights of stairs and vaulting over cars. Next summer, skateboarding is set to drop into the 2020 Olympic Games. » Read More

Features & Columns

Stand Up Guy

For most of his life, Joe Sib has made his own way. The Santa Cruz native--who grew up in the Olive Springs Road outlands of Soquel before moving to San Jose in his teens--had a major-label contract with his pop-punk band Wax by his early 20s. In the mid-'90s, he co-founded SideOneDummy Records, the indie label that launched the careers of bands as diverse as Flogging Molly, the Gaslight Anthem and Gogol Bordello. In 2009, he toured a one-man show called California Calling, based on his memories of the 1980s South Bay punk-skate scene that produced Steve Caballero, Corey O'Brien and many others. Not long after, he started touring as a stand-up comedian. » Read More

Silicon Alleys: Cinequest Films Give Voice to the Dispossessed

Thanks to Cinequest, the gritty underbellies of Cincinnati and Tucson took over downtown San Jose, in the forms of Emilio Estevez and Brian Jabas Smith, whose films depicted the margins of society without exploitation or judgment. First of all, a trailer opened up every Cinequest film this year, with a wise man declaring that everyone who journeys through the festival will expect the unexpected. At least for me, this is already a prime characteristic of Cinequest: The unexpected experience that emerges without any possible planning. Weird connections, either professional, artistic or just plain crazy always seem to occur. Serendipitous moments of synchronicity appear on both micro and macro levels, even in a stretch of less than 24 hours. » Read More

Advice Goddess: Should We Go to Therapy?

You're in a relationship, not a coma. That said, your worries are understandable. There's been a belief that crushing on somebody other than one's partner is the gateway to cheating. Obviously, crushy thoughts about, say, a co-worker can lead to a hookup (or more) in a way that matter-of-fact thoughts do not. However, it turns out that researchers failed to make the distinction between having a crush (an attraction to a person other than one's partner) and having a high degree of what's called "attention to alternatives" (basically, eyeballs ever on the prowl for "attractive alternatives" to one's current partner). » Read More

Free Will Astrology: Week of March 20, 2019

In the animated kids' film Over the Hedge, 10 talking animals come upon a massive, towering hedge they've never seen. The friendly group consists of a skunk, red squirrel, box turtle, two opossums and five porcupines. The hedge perplexes and mystifies them. It makes them nervous. There's nothing comparable to it in their previous experience. One of the porcupines says she would be less afraid of it if she just knew what it was called, whereupon the red squirrel suggests that from now on they refer to it as "Steve." After that, they all feel better. I recommend that you borrow their strategy in the coming weeks. If a Big Unknown arrives in your vicinity, dub it "Steve" or "Betty." » Read More

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