The Vessel

About Our Whale Watching Vessel

Our vessel Mahi Mahi is a purpose built catermaran specifically selected for whale watching on the Gold Coast. She is a large, modern and spacious vessel with whale friendly design features, combine this with our experienced and knowledgeable crew that are dedicated to providing you the closest whale encounters possible, you can be assured of a whale watching experience not to forget.

  • Large Stable Catamaran
  • Water level viewing deck – gets you closer to the whales
  • Unobstructed 360 degree viewing decks
  • Guaranteed rail side position
  • Small Groups – Personalized Service
  • Whale Friendly Design & Lowest Engine Emissions

Vessel Features

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Water Level Viewing Deck – Mahi Mahi is the only whale watching vessel in South East Queensland that features a water level viewing deck allowing you to get closer to the whales than ever before. Imagine the thrill and excitement as the Humpback Whale swims down the side of the vessel just arms length away. It really is a case of “Who’s Watching Who?”

 Guaranteed Rail-side Position

The most important feature of a whale watching vessel is a full walk around deck. You’ll notice that all of our images show that passengers can walk the full way around the outside of the vessel. This feature combined with the water level viewing deck ensures passengers are never over crowded on the bow of the vessel of stuck inside the cabin looking through dark tinted windows trying and catch a glimpse of the whales off the Gold Coast.

Whales in Paradise guarantee every passenger young or old an equal viewing opportunity and a guaranteed railside position to get that perfect photo of the majestic Humpback Whale.

 Small Groups

Personalised Service & No Crowds our Gold Coast Whale Watching tours are limited to 65 passengers per cruise ensuring and intimate and uncrowded encounter.

 Stable Design

Unsure with how you travel on the ocean? Mahi Mahi is a large stable catamaran with a lower centre of gravity than all of the other Brisbane Whale Watching vessels. This reduces pendulum effect (the swinging and swaying from side to side) ensuring a smooth comfortable ride for even those with the wobbliest of sea legs.

Clean & Green

Lowest Emissions

Whales in Paradise are dedicated to preserving the marine environment and reducing our carbon foot print and therefor have just installed the latest fully electronic tier 2 common rail fuel efficent Cummings engines, gear boxes and digital controls. This new installation ensures Whales in Paradise are the market leaders in operating the most environmentally friendly Gold Coast Whale Watching vessel.

Onboard Treatment System

Mahi Mahi features a state of the art toilet treatment system which ensure that we don’t pollute the ocean.

Whale Friendly

Vessel Size – After years of international research and operating marine based eco tourism businesses Whales in Paradise have selected a vessel that perfectly matches size & passenger comfort to whale interaction and activity. The size of Mahi Mahi provides the closest uninhibited whale encounters as the whales are not intimidated by the vessels size.

Vessel Design & Noise Disturbance

Mahi Mahi’s unique design is such that Whale, Dolphin & Turtle propeller strikes are virtually impossible. She is built from lightweight composite material reducing obviously weight, engine power and therefore emissions. The composite material also absorbs and reduces acoustical noise which in turn reduces whale and dolphin disturbance and leads to closer encounters.