UX Design: The Glue That Binds (Lessons learnt from The Sims FreePlay & Need For Speed: NL)

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 209



Why are some games easier to navigate than others? How do some games present huge amounts of information without overwhelming the player, all the while creating enjoyable, seamless game experiences… and yet others we uninstall within minutes? And why are good UX Design processes so crucial to every role within game development?

Good UX Design manifests itself in two different ways – player facing and developer facing. So how can we use it to solve problems for our players and create clear, intuitive game UI as a result? Once you’ve identified your target audience and their key needs, how do you help your team help your players? As a developer, understanding and working with UX Design means making your team’s processes faster and more efficient, by wireframing, prototyping, and iterating on your core game mechanics. It is a way of aligning your entire team with a unified vision as you work to create your final product.

Join me as I go through the differences between UX Research, UX Design and UI Art, and how to implement these into your processes to make your team as efficient as possible… all the while delivering satisfying, engaging and enjoyable gameplay experiences for your players!

  • Anna Brandberg

    UI/UX Designer

    EA Firemonkeys