UXR Workshop: ‘User Testing’ in Under an Hour

Oct 23, 2018


ROOM 209



In this User Experience Research workshop we will focus on an important User Testing method that can be implemented in studios of any size: 1-on-1 User Interviews.

User Interviews are one of the most valuable and commonly used research tools for gathering qualitative information about your players, and often reveal crucial usability issues, content issues, and users’ mental models. User Interviews are also an incredibly useful method of testing because they can be used iteratively throughout every stage of your game’s development, from the early prototyping phase to the final stages of polish.

Join me as I guide you through a practical hands-on workshop where you will learn the process for conducting great User Interviews, along with a few key techniques to put into practice when running your own future studies… and come away with tangible material specific to your own game, ready to implement when it’s time to start your own user tests.

Bring a pen, a notepad – and your game in mind!

  • Anna Brandberg

    UI/UX Designer

    EA Firemonkeys