This CPure by BioCan was bought at the same tobacco shop in Lausanne, Switzerland, where we bought the SOMA by CBDistrict.

When we posted a picture of the packaging online, someone mentioned it was one of the worst they had tried. But is it really? We find out in this review!

CPure package

The package looked familiar, because we stumbled upon the package at a festival earlier that week. Unlike the SOMA CBD, it feels much more like tobacco packaging.

CPure by Biocan. © The Stoned Society.

Not indicated is the CBD percentage, as it only has a sign that says less than 1% THC.

At half of the front and back, you find the usual tobacco warnings.

CPure by Biocan. © The Stoned Society.

On the website, we find out ‘Fedtonic’ is actually the strain, while Cpure might refer to the citrus like smell and taste. On the website, we also found the test results which shows 0.22% THC and 13% CBD. They pride themselves on being completely organic and keeping everything up to a Swiss standard.

We had the 3 gram version, there’s also a 10 gram version.

CPure buds inspection

Inside the package we found a couple of small buds and one surprisingly big bud. It’s still hard to fathom this was bought at a tobacco shop.

CPure by Biocan. © The Stoned Society.

The warning we got doesn’t seem to hold up when inspecting the buds too.

CPure by Biocan. © The Stoned Society.

You can find some trichomes and it’s smell is fruity. Citrus as they say, might very well be the best description.

CPure smoke

The smoke itself is smooth and burns well in a small paper. There’s the fruity taste and the little CBD high effect. Overall, I and all the people I’ve showed it to, were quite surprised by the quality of the buds and the smoke.


It’s still hard to fathom this was bought at a tobacco shop

Of course, you can always complain about the price. But at 25 Francs (21 euros) for 3 grams, you come down to about 7 euros a gram. Yes, this can be a lot cheaper (in the future). But looking at the other products we tested, CPure is fairly priced. Also, don’t forget there’s tobacco taxes involved…

Considering the smell and the looks after a close inspection, we come down to a verdict of a rounded 8.