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Trailer Creation

Below you find a basic possible workflow for creating a trailer plus some additional tips from others in the further reading section:

1. Planning / Storyboard

Before you start recording it is useful to create a little storyboard beforehand in order to have a basic structure for the trailer.
Ask yourself which scenes from your game would look interesting to you (and your potential players).

2. Recording Gameplay Footage

Choose a Screenrecorder and then record a good amount of interesting gameplay footage without any music (just sounds).
That way you can use one single music track for the trailer while keeping the sound effects from the game.

3. Adding Music

In order to find matching music you can either get royalty free music, do the music by yourself or hire a talented musician that could create some custom music/sounds for your trailer.

4. Editing the Trailer

Choose a Video Editing Software to glue the gameplay bits and the music together into a cohesive trailer.

5. Extra Tips

Regarding Intro:
it is important to keep the intro very short.
Viewer wants to see how game looks like and thus usually wants to primarily see gameplay footage.
Showing lengthy intros is somewhat similar to boring loading screens or the unskippable copyright info stuff on purchased dvds.
Ideally the gameplay is shown before the viewer thinks about moving the mouse to the middle of the timeline in order to see actual gameplay footage…

Regarding Length:
Depends on the game…but most trailers seem to be in the 1-2 minutes range.

Regarding Gameplay clips:
Keep in mind that the viewer sees your game for the first time.
Depending on the game… and its footage and complexity of what is shown this needs to be taken into consideration.
Sometimes 6 secs are needed sometimes 3 secs are enough. (length always varies of course depending on the game and what is actually shown).

However gameplay clips are oftentimes longer in the beginning and get shorter later on…
(Viewer gets what’s going on and then pace can be ramped up)

Regarding Text:
Sometimes short text bits (description or press quotes) between clips work better…
sometimes overlayered text works better.

Regarding Outro:
After the viewer has seen the game and is interested in it showing when it will be available and for which platforms is a good idea.
(also mentioning the URL of the website)

6. Uploading Trailer

After uploading the trailer to YouTube don’t forget to place link to your website into the description.

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