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    Digital Health is access to your health information and the ability to make informed decisions. Join the celebration of digital health Nov. 12-18

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  • Canadians Value Digital Health

    Learn why Canadians believe it’s important to take full advantage of digital health services

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  • Finding Digital Health in Your Community

    Learn how you can find out about the options available to you.

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    Nov. 12-18
    For Better Health
    In Your Community

Think digital health isn’t making a difference? Think again. Every day, more of Canada’s health care system goes digital. It’s a private, secure, effective way to make health care better, for all of us.

Your Stories

Your Stories

Digital health has already had a positive impact on the lives of many Canadians. Here are some stories on how we’re building better health together.

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Empowering Patients

However simple or sophisticated, digital health tools are changing the ways in which you interact with your health care team, and improving the way you care for yourself and your loved ones.

Learn more about how digital health is transforming care and empowering patients.

Access to your Health Information

Access to Your Health Information

Using tools like patient portals and e-view solutions, patients can see their health information, such as lab results, online. Learn more.

Saving Time with Digital Health

Saving You Time with Digital Health

Digital health innovations save Canadians time by connecting them to their health care provider without the need to travel or wait in an office. Learn more.

Talking to Your Health Care Provider

Talking to Your Health Care Provider

Speak to your health care provider about what options are available, and how they are using digital health. Learn more.

Driving Access to Care

Canada Health Infoway is spearheading the replacement of fax- and paper-based systems with interoperable digital health solutions and driving change across Canada’s health care systems by focusing on large, multi-jurisdicational or pan-Canadian projects.

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