Start selling now with the DowCommerce Shopping Cart!

DowCommerce makes it even easier to get your store up and running by including a free shopping cart. Using DowCommerce's free integrated shopping cart allows you to securely, easily, and affordably integrate your website with the Payment Gateway, while still maintaining control over your products.

3 reasons to sign up for the DowCommerce Payment Gateway and integrated Shopping Cart:


No Coding Experience Necessary!
Unlike other shopping carts, the DowCommerce Shopping Cart is painless to integrate and you don't need to be a web programmer to install or use it. Only basic HTML knowledge is necessary and our user interface helps with most of the process. You can use our button creator to generate the code necessary to enable one click buying, add to cart features or even donation options. Just tag the products you want to sell and our cart does the rest!
Customize the Look and Feel!
It's simple to tailor DowCommerce's Shopping Cart to fit your website's design. From color schemes to headers and footers, the cart's interface can be changed to match your website's theme.


No Sensitive Data on your PC or host!
With DowCommerce there is no need to store sensitive financial data on your server. You and your customers can rest easy knowing their data is secured using the latest technology.
Custom Security Options
If the products you sell are susceptible to fraud you can easily alter your security configuration to deter internet criminals. Selecting options that require the shipping and billing address to match or you to input a credit card's security code can help protect you and your customers from internet thieves. For added protection DowCommerce offers a Fraud Prevention Suite at low cost.


No Security Certificate Needed!
SSLs can cost up to $3000 per year and can be a hassle to maintain. DowCommerce eliminates the need for a separate SSL by redirecting customers to our SSL during the checkout process and returning them to your website when they're finished.
The DowCommerce Shopping Cart is FREE!
Best of all DowCommerce's Shopping Cart is included free with every account. There are no setup costs, no subscription fees, and no hidden costs. You can set up your online store at no additional cost and begin selling immediately. Many 3rd party shopping carts can cost hundreds of dollars and even more to maintain or change. The DowCommerce Shopping Cart is included free with every account and customizing it is simple.

DowCommerce's integrated shopping cart will fit many online stores' needs simply and easily without the need for complex code or high maintenance.

Here's how it works:

A customer finds a product they wish to purchase on your website. The customer clicks on a "Buy now" or "Add to Cart" button for the product. After clicking on the button, the customer is transferred to our SSL secure website.

The HTML for "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" buttons can be generated very easily using our Button Creator.

Product with Add to Cart Button

Once transferred to our website, a shopping cart can then be displayed. The optional shopping cart feature allows your customers to purchase several of your products or services at once. If you choose not to use the shopping cart page, the customer is sent directly to the checkout page.

Optional Shopping Cart Screen

The customer is now brought through the checkout process. They're asked for their name and credit card information.

Customer Information Screen Payment Information Screen

After the customer completes the order, an order receipt is displayed.

Transaction Receipt Screen

Clicking CONTINUE on the receipt page will send the customer back to your website. The page displayed is one of your own choosing.

Similar Products to their purchase is shown

DowCommerce enables retailers looking for a total solution to take advantage of the DowCommerce Shopping Cart's lightweight and easy to use features to sell products while still using the DowCommerce Payment Gateway.

If you're already comfortable using another shopping cart or are in need of more robust features, DowCommerce integrates with many popular 3rd party shopping carts. Click here to see the shopping carts DowCommerce supports or contact us to sign up for the DowCommerce Payment Gateway.Sign Up Now