- Remote Access Infrastructure for Register Data


Norway has a well developed and well documented system of register data. Some of the most important registers are also used in the production of statistics. Such data are valueable and very attractive as research material. For that reason, NSD and SSB have received a grant from the Norwegian Research Council to develop a major dissemination service for register data to scientific use. 

For a first version of the service, go to microdata.no

Important parts of official Norwegian statistics is based on data collected from administrative registers. Examples are statistics on demograpy, the educational situation, status of the labour marked, income, property and tax statistics and social security statistics. Statistics Norway, as the producer of official statistics has access to such register data. The Statistical Act specifies that administrative register data may be used to produce statistics and that such data also may be made available for research purposes. Statistics Norway is also the owner or administrator of some registers that are more directly developed for statistical purposes. A common identification system for individual level registers give the possibility to link information from different sources and to update registers with data over time. This represent a formidable potential collection of micro-oriented data and it is an increasing need to use these data for research purposes. However, this situation also raises important questions of data confidentiality and data protection. To make it possible to use these rich data resources for scientific purposes is has so far been organised manual procedures to control and grant access in accordance with national lawgiving and regulations of data security and confidentiality. The RAIRD project aims to increase capacity for data dissemination considerably through automating parts of the process.