Life can feel totally crazy sometimes. Downright frazzled and out of control.

We pack so much into our days, and it can still seem like it’s not enough. The house needs to be cleaned..again. Dishes piled high in the sink. You’re unable to find anything you’re looking for around the house. Important papers seem to always get lost. Clutter accumulating in every corner.

In the midst of the chaos, what we need is a "how-to" plan, systems for turning all of this craziness into a manageable, organized life that leaves us plenty of time to do the things we really love.

Sometimes we need to simplify

Simplicity at Home eBook - practical advice and systems for the challenges around the house.

A Simplified Life​

Overwhelmed and not feeling in control of anything - that was me. With 4 kids, a husband and a energetic dog, a social calendar to mange, tons of kid activities, it always seemed like I was behind on everything. I never had any time for myself.

It was too much.

Does this sound like you?

I had to take a step back and reevaluate what I was doing and how I could do it better. I studied systems that work and came up with several that make a big impact on managing a household - and I want to share them with you! One thing that made a tremendous difference was meal planning.

Always knowing what to make for dinner and shopping for it at the beginning of the week, made a ton of stress disappear. This is why chapter 6 is so valuable, now I have healthy meals planned (or waiting in the freezer) my family loves for dinner.

In addition, we got the kids to pitch in and help (I know crazy, right!), so all the cleaning and household chores are now much more manageable. There is a whole chapter on how to get even little kids to help (and why it's so important) and a list of age appropriate chores.

Now I feel in control of the house, devote more time to my husband and kids and even have a little time for myself!

What is Simplicity @ Home

Simplicity @ Home is over 25 chapters packed full of solutions to help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed with it comes to homemaking.

In this eBook you'll find solutions to decluttering your entire house. Easy systems that help keep your house in order no matter how many kids you have.  

No more piles in every corner!

You'll learn how to meal plan like a pro. Meal planning is one of the most effective ways to avoid stress at dinner time and always be sure you're feeding your family healthy and delicious meals.

Healthy meals planned for the week in 10 minutes!​

You'll discover why freezer cooking is a lifesaver. Want more time in your weekly schedule for yourself, then you have to try freezer cooking!

So much time saved for the things you love and your family will adore you!

You'll master your email inbox, get better sleep and more!

This book is filled with practical advice and small, doable projects that were created with your busy life in mind.

Simplicity @ Home Gives You...

EASY SOLUTIONS to tackle a number of day-to-day common problems.

  • Organizing 
  • Meal Planning
  • Home Maintenance 
  • Daily Routines
  • Budgeting
  • Time Management
  • Self Care
  • Tons of Tip & Tricks 

This book is great! It's full of practical advice.  I really like the chapters about self care.  They're very informative and well done and got me motivated to focus on this area more!  

Diana KL 
Teacher, Mom of 2 

So many useful and great tips to be had in Erin's Simplicity @ Home ebook! I came away with a lot of helpful solutions to try! 

Entrepreneur, Mom

I'm Ready to Feel Less Stressed

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