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G+5BayArea photowalk: the movie
+Peggy K

G+5BayArea photowalk: the movie

I promised more photos after my teaser post (, so here they are. Since I took a few short videos, I put then together with my photos into an enhanced slide show.

I had a lovely time taking photos of the scenery, art, and model Kay Neupane at the Albany Bulb (in Albany, CA).

Camera: my trusty Nexus6P - makes phone calls too :)

Model: Kay Neupane (

Music: Easy Jam by Kevin MacLeod

See photos taken by other folks:

#G+5BayArea #G +5Global #Gplus5BayArea #Gplus5global
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I have an exciting update for those of you joining us on the #G+5Global #G+5BayArea in Albany on Saturday. We are going to have a model to join us. This is Khusbu Neupane, otherwise known as Kay. As you can see, I have photographed her many times. She loves to pose and be in front of a camera and she has generously volunteered to pose on Saturday for all of you.

If you expect you might like to share any images you take of Kay you will be asked to sign a simple model release which grants you the rights use them online for personal use and in your personal portfolios in return for copies of the images that she can use similarly. Tips for Kay will be welcomed, thank you!. Come and see me during the walk to sign the release.

And in other exciting news +Shelly Corbett will also be joining the walk. For those of you who don't know Shelly, he specializes in Toy Photography and rumour has it he will be bringing a few toys along and might be open to giving a little demonstration too.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!
#Gplus5Global #Gplus5BayArea
More info about the event can be found here:
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TODAY!!! This Afternoon
#G+5Global #G+5BayArea
A San Francisco Bay Area Photo Walk in celebration of Google +'s 5 Year Anniversary and in collaboration with other G+ users world wide*
Date: Saturday June 25th
Time: Meet on the Beach from 4pm, Walk starts at 5pm.
Place: Albany Bulb, starting at Albany Beach
City views, Golden Gate Bridge views, stony Beaches, Mad Mark's Castle, Weird stuff everywhere, graffiti, art, curiosities and peculiarities. Why on earth have you never thought to visit this place before, huh? Now is the time to right that wrong...
Map Link:
Parking: On Buchanan Street << limited parking spots
Alternative parking at Fleming Point (right next to the beach) off Gilman Street, although there may be a charge of $5 to $10 as this is part of Golden Gate Fields. Gilman exit works great. No charge. Just continue through Golden Gate Fields lot and down the other side, drive as far as you can to the far end of lot and park by the big clump of trees
Sunset Time: 8.36pm
High Tide: 6:03PM
Bring: Cameras, tripods, sunscreen, snacks, water. Your family - let us practice our portraiture on them ;)
Invite and Share: G+ friends Past, Present and Future.
Everybody Welcome. Photographers, non-photographers, any level, any equipment, friends and family. We amble slowly, we stop, we talk, we make slow progress. This is a very laid back event.
Any updates and extra information will be added to this post, both in advance and on the day of the walk. Leave a comment if you plan on joining us and we'll know to look out for you.
Not in the Bay Area? Then connect with or organise other Global Gatherings worldwide on the weekend of June 25th-26th to celebrate G+'s 5 Year Anniversary. Here is a post and a map detailing all of the events taking place. It will be updated daily as new events are added:

Good news - Model Kay Neupane will be joining our walk.
Read more here:
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G+ is about to be a 5-year-old

And +Sam Breach​​, in her awesomeness, is getting the global party going. Want to celebrate in your neck of the woods with a photowalk, HIRL or good ol' online Hangout on the weekend of June 25/26?

Let everyone know by chiming in on Sam's post and adding your gathering to the shared map. And keep the post handy for updates!

Don't forget to use #Gplus5Global  (and #G+5Global) on all your relevant posts

For you Bay Area peeps, here's the #G+5BayArea gathering:

Party On!
Join or Create a G+ 5th Anniversary Gathering in Your Area
Events are being organised and can be added to this shared map:
Use the map to find or organise a celebratory gathering in your neighborhood. Anyone is welcome to organise their own gathering.
Date: Weekend of June 25/26th at any time of your choosing.
Read on and Refer Back to this post for updates: Details and Updates about newly added Gatherings and changes will be edited into this post
A lot of people are organising photowalks, but the photo part is not obligatory by any means. Please be empowered to create whatever kind of gathering interests you. You could meet for a coffee, or go bowling or have a picnic, a potluck, or...? You could even make an online hangout if you aren't able to get out and about! The choice is yours - simply create an anniversary celebration that you and your friends will enjoy together.

Search for all #G+5Global posts here:

List of Events so Far (this will be updated as new Gatherings are added):


Meet at The Tin Fish, Lake Calhoun, 3000 E. Calhoun Parkway, 55408 at 9am on Saturday 25th.
Contact is +Janice Hackney

#G+5BayArea San Francisco Bay Area, EAST BAY: Albany Bulb
Saturday 25th June: Gather from 4pm at Albany Beach. Photo walk around Albany Bulb departs from the beach at 5pm. Sunset is 8.35pm
Organiser, me +Sam Breach, let me know if you have any questions.

Estes Park Meet Up Contact +Christina Lihani for more information.

#g+5fortworth #g+5texas Google+ Photo walk Sat Jun 25th from 7-9am in Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas
Organiser: +Darren Huski

North Carolina Transportation Museum
Join the NC Scavengers Meetup at the NC Transportation Museum for the
Organisee: +Charles Payet

Kansas City
#G+5KansasCity Photo Walk #G+5Global
Kansas City Art Institute • Art of the Car Concours
Gather at 8:00 AM at 4415 Warwick Blvd, Kansas City, MO
More info on Kansas City Photowalk
orgianiser: +Don Spenner 

Toronto, Canada
Organisers: +Marjorie McDonald (and +Ron Clifford who currently has limited internet access, so Marjorie will probably be quicker to respond to questions for now).

Berlin Event:
Organiser +Ina Gat

in Bulgaria with +Nina Trankova

If you are in Japan, and can read Japanese. please visit the Community that has been created specifically to organize several G+5 photowalks there.

Photograph Melbourne with +Paul Pavlinovich organising
See here for more details:
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"Whatever interests, is interesting." - William Hazlitt

I originally took this photo last summer, but when I went to print it for a gallery show, I realized it was too contrasty. I took advantage of last weeks bay are G+ photo meet-up to reshoot this scene. Despite the wind I was able to capture the image I was looking for. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Happy weekend to all you lovely #bokeholics . Remember #Fridaysarebokelicious !!
+Leo Deegan +Art through the Aperture Photography +Nicole H +Sean McLean +Shelly Corbett +Betty Habesch +Kal Pant +Elizabeth Hahn +Michael B. Stuart +Paul Moody +Toshinori ABE +Winnie Young +Graham Knights +Keith Elliott +Jacek N. Kozioł +Jasbir S. Randhawa +David Mathre +Darion Jackman +John Balboni +April L Hill +Shannon Adelson +Dylan Johnson +Shelly Gunderson +Robin Griggs Wood +Kathleen Kent +Angie Smith +John Getchel +Uwe Duwe +Magdalena MadZ +Wesly Smith +Wendy Baker +Dawn Siadatan +wolly wolly +Berit Schurse

#Gplus5global  #G+5Global  #gplus5yearsanniversary   #Gplus5Bayarea  #G+5BayArea  #lego   #PeterReid   #xxsjc   #Toyphotography   #Stuckinplastic   #goldenhour  

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A portrait of Kay Neupane taken on yesterday's #G+5Global Photowalk at Albany Bulb in celebration of G+'s Fifth Birthday.
Check images from G+5global events all over the world here:

#Gplus5global #Gplus5BayArea #G+5Global #G+5BayArea
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Khusbu 'Kay' Neupane

This image was created on the #G+5Global Photowalk at Albany Bulb in celebration of G+'s Fifth Birthday last weekend.
Check images from G+5global events all over the world here:

#Gplus5global #Gplus5BayArea #G+5Global #G+5BayArea
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GOOGLE+ 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (yes, it's that time already!)
Please Read #G+5Global
Global Gatherings including Photowalks are encouraged to mark the 5 year anniversary of the communities we have built around Google+
Organise a gathering in your area during the weekend of June 25th-26th.
Share this post with and Invite G+ friends past and present anyway you can. Let's thank Google+ for providing a place where we can share our passions and celebrate the relationships we've fostered here, the people we've met here and the communities we belong to here.

Use the Hashtag #G+5Global at the main hashtag and then create a local hashtag for your local event. Example #G+5BayArea. Use both the global and the local hashtags in your posts about your event so people can easily find an event near them and connect.

I will be creating a sunset Photowalk at Albany Bulb followed by curry in Albany for the San Francisco Bay Area. More details on that to follow.

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