Prototype G+ JSON Viewer for Friends+Me Google Plus Exporter files
Refurio Anachro made a nice web-based tool to display the exported JSON from the F+Me GPlus Exporter in a browser.

#GooglePlus #GooglePlusExodus #GooglePlusShutdown
I have just made a prototypical Google+ Viewer written in Javascript! It can read the JSON format as exported by the Friends+Me Google+ Exporter. I'm not quite sure at the moment what link I should give you so you can actually try it, as rawgit seems to be going down, too. But you can look at and download the g+viewer.html file here:

It needs as as input the google-plus-exports and google-plus-images directories. To make it run, you will further need to edit the .html file to add your feeds' filenames:

var feeds = {
"some title": "g+feed....",

If you haven't, get the Friends+Me Google+ Exporter now:

If you have less than 800 posts it'll cost you nothing, otherwise it may stop after 800 posts. If you have everything sorted in collections, try exporting those instead.

Whyle [things I fixed].

Tell me what you think, patches welcome.
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