The World's Largest Environmental Experience

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April 26-28 Exhibits. Experiences. Food. Fun.


April 25-28 Learn. Connect. Collaborate.


April 19-28 Explore. Entertain. Elevate.


Field Trip Day – April 26 Events. Programs. Learning.

Water for All

O  U  R     F  O  C  U  S  :

Finding ways to sustain clean, clear, abundant water for all, and to protect our world’s oceans, rivers and lakes.

J  U  M  P    I  N :

We invite you to join us join us at EXPO Earthx2019 for 10 days of inspiration, learning, activities and sharing ways to ensure we always have enough.


Main Attractions


Learn how smart solutions in transportation can make a big impact on our environment. We're making it fun for consumers to discover emerging technologies and options from leading green auto makers available in market. From hybrids to zero-emissions. Find your future car here!

Art 4 Dumpsters

The City of Dallas Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability brings DISD schools to transform a blank dumpster into a piece of art that will shine a light on the importance of recycling.

Green Speaker Series

Expert speakers and panelists talk about a wide range of topics ranging from everything from electric cars to bee pollination. They share ideas and knowledghe on breakthrough innovations, practical home remedies, and other ways to begin building a sustainable future.

Scuba Diving

When's the last time you went diving in Downtown Dallas? Take the plunge and experience scuba diving with certified master divers in our huge 20x30 foot "Go Dive Now - Scuba Pool". Wetsuits, fins, regulators and tanks are included. Don't forget your bathing suit.

Food Trucks

Sample the many food trucks coming to EarthX! Featuring Boardwalk Bites, Rolling Cone Ice Cream, Soulgood, Nosh Box Eatery, Stickdog, Green Stone Catering, Fast & Furious and more.

Tree World

Experience art projects, an "Ask the Expert" booth, Trees for Threes by the Dallas Mavericks and an exhibit on the benefits of trees. Plus, meet Tree-mendous Tom presented by Arborilogical Services.


Presented by Once Kids, EarthxKids features customizable eco-bricks inspiring creativity.


A 24-hour codefest, EarthxHack is the world's largest environmental innovation competition. We're sitting at the intersection of innovation, technology, and the environment – a platform for creating groundbreaking solutions by utilizing the brightest technical minds focusing on solutions for tomorrow.

Tesla Car Club Exhibit

See dozens of Tesla vehicles and learn more about electric cars.

Hemp Pavilion

Join EarthX for an exciting, educational weekend exploring the environmental benefits of hemp-based products. EarthxHemp highlights hemp industrial products ranging from highly sustainable hemp products such as food, household items, and personal products.

Great Seed Bomb

Make seed balls using native wildflower seeds, compost and clay. This activity is fun, collaborative and helps spread habitats for pollinators like monarch butterflies and native bees!

Live Music

Featuring The Seastars, who weave six-part vocal harmonies to remind us of the harmony of humans and nature, and the interdependence that fuels all Life. The Seastars have performed at sustainability conferences like GreenBiz's VERGE, major events including Global Climate Action Summit side events and Daybreaker, and festivals like Burning Man.

Recycled Tire Shoe Demo

Come see the Step Tire mini factory concept at EarthX and get your own pair of Step Tire shoes made from recycled tire treads.

Community Cycling

Cyclists from around town will converge at EarthX after a bike ride from diverse parts of town. Once at EarthX, they can enjoy a cold beer and some tacos.

Dallas Mayoral Forum

Multiple Dallas Mayoral Candidates will discuss local environment policy Saturday, April 27th at 10:30am in Hall of State - Grand Hall.


Go on wild, immersive journeys, like swimming with dolphins, dancing with flamingos, exploring remote islands and defending wildlife in the African jungle. Experience scores of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality projects and educational workshops in our interactive zone and throughout the Expo.


There are a lot of questions that we don’t always consider about our food. Was this ethically sourced? Does it have a negative environmental impact? Is the food I’m eating and the way I’m living promoting a more sustainable food system for the world? Come try inventive and tasty sustainable food options from scores of local vendors. Bon appetit!

EDTx Talks

Hear from a wide variety of guest speakers as they discuss the environmental topic affecting their organizations. Learn about real issues influencing sustainability in business today. Learn even more about our guest speakers at our EarthxInterview stage where speakers from all over our 20 stages will come answer incisive questions led by guests hosts.

Solar Car Challenge

See full-size, roadworthy solar race cars, designed and built by students who participate in some of the most engaging and challenging high school science programs available. Race for bragging rights, or test drive one yourself.

Solar Rollers

Students show off their technical skills, teamwork, self-confidence, ingenuity, and community by developing and racing solar powered vehicles. It's all about empowering youth to improve the world’s energy systems.

Bike Test Track

E-Bikes are here in a big way. From cargo bikes to city bikes, messenger bikes to mountain bikes, road bikes and even beach cruisers, there is something for everyone. They make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people in so many ways. Plus they're a blast to ride. If you haven't tested one yet, do yourself a favor.

Goat Yoga

Do downward dog alongside barnyard goats in all their bleating, adorable glory. You've heard about it, now it's time to see what all the Instagram hype is about.

Tiny House Exhibit

Buildings contribute to about 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions. Living small means living more sustainably. Tour tiny homes and learn more about this popular lifestyle.

Mexico Pavilion

Mexico is home to some of the world's most awesome eco-treasures. From the Meso-American Barrrier Reef to the majestic Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes near Puebla, to the crystal clear cenotes and underground rivers of the Yucatan and the stunning scenery of Copper Canyon's Barrancas del Cobre, Mexico has a wealth of natural wonders.

Colorado Pavilion

A national leader in nature conservancy, Colorado is not only home to some of our nations most breathtaking scenic vistas, it is also a state that focuses on far-sighted solutions to eco-challenges that combine science and creativity. By working together, they chart Colorado’s future and inspire people to take action.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation return to EarthX! Unify with your surrounding in these hour-long classes for the whole family. Yoga classes presented by Dallas Yoga Center.

Bird Exhibition

A showcase of exotic trained birds presented by Window to the Wild.

Recycling Workshops

Visit the Sustainability kiosk for recycling and compost demonstrations, recycling art projects, and more.

Garden Theater

This garden amphitheater will host reading times for kids as a well as educational puppet shows.

Climate Action Townhall

The City of Dallas Climate Action Townhall at EarthX will be Saturday, April 27th at 11:45am in Hall of State - Hill Lecture Hall Fair Park.


EarthX Green Speaker Series

Hear expert speakers and panelists share their knowledge and views on all things green. From the state of the ocean, to wildlife conservation, to actions you can take in your community, they share breakthrough innovations, practical home remedies, and many other ways you can help build a sustainable future for our world.

Stream it or see it LIVE at the Centennial Stage in the Automobile Building at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas - April 26-28


APRIL 19-28

A nine day Film Festival and GlobalGala showcasing films and interactive media from top filmmakers and conservationists from around the globe that explore conservation, climate change, and the environment.

Festival Passes Festival Tickets

Student Field Trips

April 26th
Attention Parents, Teachers and School Administrators: EarthX provides opportunities for students to explore sustainability, careers in STEAM fields, and leading programs from colleges and universities across the globe. We invite you to bring your students for a day of interactive opportunities and special activations, like STEAM-based hands-on learning, robotics and technology, virtual reality, film screenings, teacher-led walk STEM tours and filmmaking workshops.

The World’s Largest Environmental Experience




Attendees Since 2011
All Creating Solutions for Protecting Our Oceans, Forests and Climate.

EXPO Schedule

We’re still planning our 2019 schedule. Check back in the coming weeks to plan your EarthX experience.


Select a Route
Sherman-Plano-RichardsonAustin-WacoFort Worth-Abilene-WeatherfordDenton-Lewisville-GainesvilleHouston-Huntsville-CorsicanaTexarkana-Greenville-Rockwall
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From Sherman-Plano-Richardson

  • Take U.S. 75 (North Central Expressway) South toward downtown Dallas
  • Take exit 284A to connect to Interstate 30 East (toward Texarkana)
  • Take exit 48A and follow directions to Fair Park

From Austin-Waco

  • Take Interstate 35E North to downtown Dallas
  • Take exit 428B to connect to Interstate 30 East (toward Texarkana)
  • Take exit 48A and follow directions to Fair Park

From Fort Worth-Abilene-Weatherford

  • Take Interstate 30 East to Dallas
  • Follow signs for Interstate 30 East toward Texarkana
  • After passing downtown Dallas, take exit 48A and follow directions to Fair Park

From Denton-Lewisville-Gainesville

  • Take Interstate 35E South to downtown Dallas
  • Take exit 427E
  • Immediately after taking the exit, move to one of the left two lanes and enter Interstate 30, Eastbound
  • Follow signs for Interstate 30 East toward Texarkana
  • After passing Downtown Dallas, take exit 48A and follow directions to Fair Park

From Houston-Huntsville-Corsicana

  • Take Interstate 45 North to exit 284A
  • Move to the right lane and follow signs for Interstate 30 East
  • Take exit 48A and follow directions to Fair Park

From Texarkana-Greenville-Rockwall

  • Take Interstate 30 West toward downtown Dallas
  • Take exit 49B and follow directions to Fair Park
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Event Guide


When is Earthx2019?
EarthX is always hosted the weekend immediately before or after April 22, which is the official day Earth Day is celebrated worldwide. The EarthX 2019 EXPO runs April 26-28, CONFERENCE is April 25-28, FILM occurs April 19-28. Admission is $5 for the Expo, but free with registration at, or by downloading the mobile app from here.
Is there a difference between the three days?
The EarthX exposition and all exhibits are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are special programming and entertainment events scheduled on certain days. There are conferences that are not open to the public on Thursday. Friday will feature special programming tracks and notable speakers that cater to the business community and Dallas-area schools. Select schools in the Dallas Independent School District run field trips to EarthX on Friday, April 20th. Students have special access to the exhibits and interactive experiences that are also available Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28. Saturday & Sunday Saturday and Sunday will feature special interactive experiences and education tracks, such as our Green Speaker Series, and the EarthxFilm Festival will be in full swing and live music will play well into the evening. There will be special programming for families and children in addition to the regular event activities. Please check the event schedule section of the website to see everything that will be happening at EarthX 2019. What are the hours of the event? The regular hours of the Expo are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. all three days. EarthxFilm screenings begin on Friday, April 13 and run through Sunday, April 22.
Can I ride my bike to the event?
Yes – in fact, we encourage it! We will have large bike parking stations inside the event. The DART rail’s Green Line will take you right to the entrance of Fair Park, next to Gate 4 and the Music Hall off Parry and Exposition Avenue. Once you hop on the train your stop is called ‘Fair Park Station.’ Easy enough to remember! DART is a great resource here in Dallas and, even if you’ve never taken the rail line before, we encourage you to try it out for the first time for EarthX.
Will there be something to eat at the event?
Yes, there will be healthy, sustainable dining options, samples from some of the best restaurants and chefs in Dallas, and snacks from local Texas food producers.
There is so much to see – how do I plan my visit?

Download the EarthX mobile app to view the EarthX 2019 and EarthxFilm Festival event schedules, scavenger hunt options, speakers and programs to help you plan your day.

Where is Earthx2019?
Earthx2019 takes place at Fair Park in Dallas, among the beautiful art deco buildings and historic oak trees. See the map of Fair Park in our event guide.
Does it cost to attend?

EarthX is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. There is a suggested donation to EarthX of $5 per adult.

Is the event family-friendly and can I bring my kids?

Absolutely!  Although there will be some areas designated for adults, there will also be numerous activities specifically designed for children and families. These will be fun, interactive and educational activities across the footprint of the event. Earthx2019 is the perfect place to spend the weekend with family and friends!

What should I bring?

Please bring friends, family, dogs, bikes, refillable water containers, and a thirst for learning. Purses and shoulder bags are allowed, as are strollers. Smart phones are encouraged (download the EarthX mobile app!). Check the weather before you head out and don’t forget your eco-friendly sunscreen if it is going to be sunny.

Where do I park at Fair Park?

We encourage event attendees to use alternative means of transportation – biking, DART, carpooling – but if you need to drive, we recommend entering and parking at Gates 2, 6 and 10 at Fair Park.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. The City of Dallas places certain restrictions on dogs entering buildings, but there are plenty of outdoor activities and areas for your best friend to join you on your journey through Earthx2019. Please remember to keep your dog on a leash and bring paper bags to pick up after you pet!

What can I NOT bring?

Please do not bring anything that is unsafe, illegal or not in the spirit of Earth Day. Bags will be checked at entrances to the event.

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