New Pro broadcast features for Hangouts On Air

Since we launched Hangouts On Air in May, we've seen some amazing live broadcasts like Everest climbers live from Base Camp (, and The New York Times Healthcare Reform discussion ( To help you create even more professional broadcasts, we’re launching a new app called Cameraman. This app lets you control when specific guests appear to your viewers, so you can introduce someone before they appear in your live broadcast, or hide someone after you've interviewed them.

To use the Cameraman app, start a Hangout On Air and invite up to 10 people to join your hangout.
- To hide someone from your viewers, click the video mute icon below the person's video feed. Folks who are grayed out won't be seen by the public.
- To show someone in your broadcast, simply click the video mute icon again.
- You can also select that new guests who join your hangout are hidden by default. To change the default settings click the Cameraman app in in the toolbar.

So next time you broadcast a Hangout On Air, remember to try out the Cameraman app. We would love to hear your feedback.
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