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WordPerfect Macro File Vault Archive for Legacy Versions

Free legacy WordPerfect macros and programming tips, sample code, ready-to-go macros

This is a file archive, with solutions for legacy versions of WordPerfect.
See the Free Macros section for more current free examples and code.

Welcome to the Vault, your source for free document automation files and how-to guides, for legacy versions of WordPerfect and Microsoft Word.

Note: Unless specified otherwise, the files in The Vault are distributed on a freeware basis. Support is not provided, and the files are offered "as-is," with no warranty.

Most of the files are in ZIP archive format, and therefore require an unzip utility. A few of the files are self-extracting EXE files. For self-extracting archives, after downloading, type the filename at the command prompt, and the files contained within the archive are expanded for you.


Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge
Articles and white papers on intermediate and advanced WordPerfect for Windows macro authoring topics.

Most of these topics are for older (e.g. 16-bit) versions of WordPerfect, so keep that in mind.


WPWin 7-9

Data Logger, for WPWin 8 and later only (HTML Page)

The WordPerfect Document Logger prepares a log of file activity in WordPerfect 8 and later. The macro makes use of a little-known feature of WordPerfect, the FileActivityLog, which is enabled in the Windows Registry. Once enabled, WordPerfect automatically records basic file information, such as the name of files that are opened, saved, and closed.

Calendar and template for WPWin 8 (ZIP file: 7KB)

Monthly calendar for WPWin 8.Uses calendar.tpl template file, which you can edit to change the look of the calendar. To use: when prompted, specify the month and year for the calendar. Put both the 8cal.wcm macro and the calendar.tpl template file in your macros directory.

Insert (almost) anywhere Calendar, for WPWin 7/8 (ZIP file: 5KB)

Insert (almost) anywhere calendar. No special preparation is necessary to use the macro. Before playing, position WPWin's insertion point where you want the calendar to appear. When inserted, the calendar will be placed fully justified (margin-to-margin), so the insertion point should be on a line without other text or graphics. Specify the month and year you want to use for the calendar. The macro automatically selects the current month and year. You may also pick some formatting options for the calendar.

Format changer, for WPWin 7/8 (ZIP file: 6KB)
Changes formatting of textExchanges one font format (e.g. underline or bold) for one or more other formats. To use: specify the format to change, and the format(s) to use it its place. You may also choose to remove all formatting. Macro allows you to change formatting for next occurrence of specified formatting only, or all formatting in the document.

Counter for WPWin 7/8 (ZIP file: 16KB)
Counter is a generic counter system for WordPerfect for Windows. It keeps track of one or more counters in documents; the counters are for automatically incrementing numbers, such as invoice numbers, order numbers, and customer numbers. Can be used with any document or template. Counters are configured by editing a simple text file; there is no need to alter the macro engine. Distributed free, and comes with documentation. For use with WPWin 7 and 8 (Windows 95); not for use with WPWin 6.x or WPWin 7 for Windows 3.1.

Replay last macro, for WPWin 7/8 (ZIP file: 3KB)
Replay the last macro. Replays the last macro. Best if used as a keyboard shortcut.

Macmenu (ZIP file: 16KB)
Macmenu is an easy-to-use, generic macro-based menu system for WPWin 8 (sorry; it won't work with previous versions of WPWin). You can specify any number of menu options, and associate "actions" with each option. Supported actions include playing a macro, running a merge, and selecting a template. The menu is configured by editing a simple text file; there is no need to alter the macro engine. Macmenu is distributed free, and comes with documentation.


WPWin 7-9

HTML Conversion Tools (ZIP file: 71KB)

Freeware HTML Conversion Macros, for rudimentary conversion of HTML documents to and from WordPerfect document format. These macros are for use with WPWin 6.1 ONLY; some require the WordPerfect Internet Publisher (WPIP) add-on available from Corel. Includes macros for the the following HTML conversion and authoring functions:

  • Open an HTML document (in text format)
  • Strip all HTML tags from document
  • Prepare a document for import conversion
  • Import basic tags
  • Convert <IMG> tags
  • Convert <A> (hypertext anchor) tags
  • Convert special characters
  • Add/edit hyperlink, with address book database
  • Convert saved document to HTML format, using WPIP engine
  • Launch brower using HTML version of current file (no conversion)

Macro Blackjack (ZIP file: 50KB)

Blackjack.wcm is a macro for playing Blackjack, and works in WPWin 6.1 only. It demonstrates some pretty advanced graphics in macros, including fetching bitmaps from a DLL (the cards are stored as bitmap resources in a DLL, included in the ZIP file). Note: I know the game has some logic/counting errors in it, but playing a good hand of blackjack is not the aim of the macro, so don't bug me about it! Instead, use the macro for fun, or as a macro learning tool.

Counter for WPWin 6.1 (ZIP file: 16KB)

Same as above, but for WPWin 6.1 (can also be used with WPWin 7 for Win 3.1).


WPWin 7-9

Template (ZIP file: 27KB)
Templater is a WPWin 5.1 macro that offers a fully-customizable template system. The macro displays one or more pre-defined templates (Templater comes with five common template documents; you are free to create as many others as you like). I wrote this macro, and the Trigger DLL mentioned in the documentation (sorry, seems I no longer have a copy of the source code)) as a "proof of concept" for the ExpressDocs system I helped develop for WPWin 5.2. See the file TEMPLATE.WP5 for instructions.

Smart-Quoter (ZIP file: 32KB)

Smart-Quoter, version 1.1, is an add-in program expressly designed for WordPerfect 5.x for Windows . It automatically inserts "open" and "close" typographic quotes as you type. Smart-Quoter is not a macro (although several macros are included that support Smart-Quoter). Rather, Smart-Quoter is an add-in application that monitors the keyboard while you write with WordPerfect. Note: Smart-Quoter is the original "smart quotes" feature used by WordPerfect, and licensed for WPWin 6.0. See the file SQ1-1.WP5 for instructions.

MacHelp (ZIP file: 141KB)

MacHelp is a Windows Help file for WPWin 5.x macro commands.

WinApi Help (ZIP file: 111KB)

WinApi Help is a Windows Help file for common Windows API functions you can use in WPWin 5.x. Most of the functions can also be used in later versions of WPWin, but the help file was written with WPWin 5.x (and Windows 3.1!) in mind. Don't try using these with version 7 of above of WordPerfect for Windows without modifying the call parameters (namely, the LoWord statement is no longer needed).



WordPerfect 5.1 Macros And Templates

Full text and files from WordPerfect 5.1 Macros and Templates, a now out-of-print book on advanced macros and merges for WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS. Read all chapters here!

WordPerfect 6 (for DOS) Power Tools Files

The following are archive files that came on the disks for WordPerfect 6 Power Tools, a now out-of-print book on advanced macros and merges for WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS (note: DOS, not Windows!). The files are provided as-is as they appeared on the disk, in self-extracting EXE format. Some of the files won't make much sense without the book, but many of the others should be usable.

disklog.txt (Text file: 13KB) -- Contents of the archive files.
docs.exe (Self-extracting EXE file: 123KB) -- Document files.
letmake.exe (Self-extracting EXE file: 141KB) -- Letter maker macros and files.
LHA archive program (EXE program file: 34KB) -- Extracts single files from the archives.
macros.exe (Self-extracting EXE file: 697KB) -- Macro files.
styles.exe (Self-extracting EXE file: 6KB) -- Style files.
template.exe (Self-extracting EXE file: 104KB) -- Template files.