Vahakn Art & Design studio creates interactive and real-world public projects. Based in London, a city full of activities and rules, the studio takes pride twisting reality to show the world in a different light. Play, discovery and imagination are the imperative.

Vahakn Art & Design Studio was started by a British-Armenian-German designer Vahakn Matossian. He has been working in the realms of interactive art and design for a number of years. Son of digital music pioneer and interactive artist Rolf Gehlhaar, he graduated from the University of Brighton's Three Dimensional Design, and the Design Products Masters at the Royal College of Art in London, 2009.

He has worked with TROIKA, on the 'Cloud', 'All the Time in the World' installations at Terminal 5 and Digital By Design Book.

Clients include, Yamaha, Hulger, Glastonbury Festival, British Film Institute, Innovation Labs, Denmark and Cybersonica.

Vahakn is currently design director at Superleggera.

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