Ski Somerset was a game designed for Somerset House SUPER CHRISTMAS MARKET 2010. Competing athletes consruct their own skier / snowboarder / luge rider, fron any combination of plah-doh colours, laser cut ski / snowboard shapes and accessories.

The skier is placed in the chairlift at the rear and hoisted to the summit by the competing athlete, who then releases them, and at the right moment, stomps on the booster pedal, launching the skier into the air by way of a mechanical booster.

Points are given based on distance, style, landing, grace, height and rotations by the well known sports commentator David Sanderson all to the theme tune of Ski Sunday.

Ski Somerset was a collaboration between Vahakn Matossian and Lucy Norman and commissioned by Freddie Yauner and Marc Owens from Propworks. Special thanks to Mike Massaro Photography, David Sanderson, Karleung Wai, Lettie Rose and all involved.