Igloo Ruin

The Berlin Biennial 2008 was a bit of a let down for an internationally renowned art festival. One of the sites, a 'sculpture park' was a wasteland with a peppering of half-arsed entries. The best of which, we didn't realise was an artwork until we decided it was a nice enough place to take a nap and stay a while. A huge pile of rubble would emit a beautiful composition of rising bleeps roughly every ten minutes. It was quite incredible and quickly became our favorite work of the festival.

I decided to raise the bar of the Biennial by actively adding my own work. From scavenged bricks I constructed an Igloo Ruin to represent the shambles of the festival in the form of an ancient structure. Pointing at the modern city it stood its ancient ground and conjured strange feelings of ancestry. As the other entries were few and far between, Igloo Ruin gained some interest as the festival goers naturally accepted it as a 'vrai' work from the festival, at one point drawing a crowd of nine Russian tourists, who would not stick around to listen to the pile of rubble despite our cajoling.

It was later discovered that the Igloo Ruin has been shamelessly copied by a Slovenian Artist in Ljubljana outside the Ethnographic Museum. (see last image)