The Bear and Cart sits and works. He makes, for want of a better word, totems and talisman. Objects that are made to help remedy a different situation: for nerves during public speech, good health abroad, protection at home or anti electronic device envy.

To find out what The Bear is doing your curiosity needs to get the better of you. Approach and ask. Once you know his story, he asks you yours. What is your wish? Do you have an aspiration? What do you need? You must have a problem, or someone you know is having trouble.

Your story is made into a physical object. Encapsulating and emotion or very real situation into a real object.

The Cart was later re-made as version 2 incorporating space for people to make their own Talismans. Proper storage bay for tools / equipment. On-board power. Display Stand and Timber Racks for necessary repairs / on the spot bigger creations.
For The Secret Garden Party 2008

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