Electrici-tree is a three-branch daisy-chainable rubber extension lead. Cast from real tree branches. Magnets in the back of each socket hold it to specially designed metal plates or any metal furnishings like radiators, filing cabinets, table legs etc..

Personal electronic objects are rife and so are their chargers, which use up electricity even when they are not charging. There are never enough free sockets. The use of power outlets has changed. Not every item remains plugged in for use all the time. Sometimes we need one socket and sometimes seven. Electrici-tree can be plugged in, chained up, strung up on the wall, taking cable mess off the floor and out of the way. Glowing kill switches in the plug allow the user to disconnect whole strings easily and leave others on.

Electrici-tree is a physical representation and reminder of how much electricity we are using. Its organic aesthetics are a gentle reminder of the nature around us, and what we are polluting with our over-use of power.

Electrici-tree is designed to be chased around the walls of a room or across the floor or both.