The Pack is an installation that was made for The Fish Tank arts festival 2009. It is a work which talks about figures of authority and all the facets in which we see them. Teachers, parents, government, police, dictators, friends and their positive and negative effects on our decisions and paths in life.

The large quadruped talks periodically by means of a small thermochromic printer in the head. Sometimes in great streaming torrents of inane blathering, shorter more concise nuggets of golden advice, dictatorial and contradictive orders as well as random and controlled beautiful patterns made of roman characters and punctuation.

The small quadrupeds a wrapped in awe, totally ignorant, oblivious or have better things to do. The work is in part an homage to Joseph Beuys's work of the same title.

The small quadrupeds are a limited edition of thirty, with 2 artist proofs. For sale inquiries for the whole works or parts, please contact here.