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Lazily made sign may result in lazier petty criminals.



My Uncle

Correct spelling of popular curse word in rural France.



This is real.

Modesty vs Honesty

Smell ham? Brick sheet?

The safest of all the Shires of England.

Turner Prize '12

Making sure you know your clothes are made of shit.

Sophie Bebb

Fish Tank Festival

R Brautigan

Russet Cafe

Og Husk! Bob er en Gentleman Sport!

User satisfaction.

Bay to Breakers.


What would your future be? I love the Irish use of the word 'deadly' in everyday life. And imagined superfuture lives.

Super grumpy grammar.

Warren Lewis.

I really love these hand written non-regulatory information signs.
Date: Always. (And I was wearing a hat!)

via Rebecca B-C

And then something knocked on my door.

Jim Hanner

By a boy.

Available Here

More truth than irony.


A lecture in 2012. The speaker spoke for 10 minutes and said "kind of" 231 times. It takes roughly 0.35 seconds to say "kind of". Thats 81 seconds of "kind of".

Insightful toilet graffiti.


Very english sign.

Community communication.

This was on a phonebox in Belfast. Via Sam Apley.


Secret Garden Party 2011

Born and me live, in a London.

Land of the free

Royal Wedding 6am special - the necessities of life will come to you

is the world flat?

community messageboard

Bond st, London

The second (actually third) in the series.

The second in the series.

Community spirit

hi i'm god (smiley face)

the scribble on the right, above the 'd' reads 'Suck your mum'

Better than NEXT. Shanghai, China