Cierge is an open source authentication server (OIDC) that handles user signup, login, profiles, management, and more. Instead of storing passwords, Cierge uses magic links/codes and external logins to authenticate your users.

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No passwords

Instead of passwords, users login using a magic link/code or using external social logins - no more passwords to remember or store and all emails are verified by default
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User management

Users can edit their profiles and add or remove emails or external logins while an admin manages it all from the admin panel
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External logins

Instead of logging in using email, users can use social logins such as Google, Facebook, Github, etc. Users can also associate multiple logins for one account

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No leakage

Cierge does not reveal anything (literally) about users until they've been authenticated - eg. it's impossible for an attacker to even know if an email is in use (unlike traditional password systems)
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Event logs

To aid in breach detection, detailed event logs are kept easily accessible to users and admins for each account
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OpenID Connect

Cierge exposes an OIDC (based on OAuth 2.0, implicit flow) endpoint so you can easily integrate it with your existing APIs

Spin it up in a Docker container and ta-da, you're done with auth.

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