Discover proven innovation and sustainable performance with the full line of Eco Ultra products, equipment, business services and expert technical support. If you have a specific question, or area of interest, the Eco Ultra team at PetroChoice, Inc. is ready to help.

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Eco Ultra Heavy-Duty On-Road Industry Eco Ultra Heavy-Duty On-Road Industry

Eco Ultra Heavy-Duty Products for Over-the-Road Protection

Eco Ultra® Heavy-Duty products, exclusively offered by PetroChoice, deliver the protection and performance needed to protect engines and engine components across thousands of miles of highway driving. The Eco Ultra Heavy-Duty Line gives over-the-road fleet and truck owners, drivers and maintenance managers peace of mind — plus the many benefits of sustainability.

Proven PerformanceFleet operators demand extreme levels of performance and profitability from their vehicles, and from the lubricants that protect them. The innovative formulations in Eco Ultra Heavy-Duty products represent a critical step towards making sustainability, and savings, more possible on a large scale.

Extended Drain Intervals — Trucking fleet managers report that Eco Ultra products help keep engines working harder, longer — resulting in reliable and consistent long-haul performance, decreased downtime and extended drain intervals. Made from re-refined base oil, Eco Ultra products deliver outstanding performance in all product categories.

Expert Oil Analysis — For performance reassurance from oil change to oil change, oil analysis offers a proactive maintenance approach allowing customers to monitor oil life, increase fuel economy, and deter potential costly failures.

Sustainable FormulationBy choosing an innovative product like Eco Ultra, fleets have an opportunity to greatly impact the future of environmental safety and sustainable energy in America. As a process, re-refining used oil takes up to 89 percent less energy and produces up to 65 percent less environment-impacting emissions than refining crude.

Protecting Your Investment — For fleet operators the economic benefits of Eco Ultra add up to much more than just saving on the margins. Investing in engine oil made from re-refined base oil offers sizable returns when it comes to maintenance costs and keeping care of multi-thousand dollar pieces of machinery.