Daisy's water retrieve at ten weeks old  (August 26, 2005)
                                                                                                      (left click on thumbnails)
                     "Y Drill"
   marking drill - #1 angled
 back, #2 flat & #3 angled in
   (long throws, short cover)
    (white bumpers easier -
      orange challenging)
 usually run 100-125 yards
can be run solo, with     
        wingers or gunner

         "solo Y Drill"   
      (reverse of diagram)
  Y Drill - field setup
     (three winger pod)           
solo Y Drill"
             (remote radio line)
     The order of the setup
    to the left was designed
   for a "check down" mark,
      reversing 2 & 3 would
      deal with the concept
     of "through the old fall"
     note: with young dogs,
    the short, angle-in mark
     should NOT be "inline"
solo Y Drill"
             (125 yards)
      remote radio line
solo Y Drill"
(75 yards)


               "X- Box Drill"
 marking drill, "check down"
  singles, short cover at first
  add factors for experience
        usually run solo at
        varying  distances
     wingers, gunner, ducks
     note: reversing order
     can be used to work
     on different concepts 
     "through the old fall"
         "check downs"
              "in lines"
     "solo X-Box Drill"
       (remote radio line)

solo X-Box Drill"
         (up close marks)
    "solo X-Box Drill"
           "second set"

 Solo Super
"X- Box Drill"
                    "W Drill"
            marking drill
        flexible variations
   solo, wingers, gunner(s)
  distance, marking difficulty, 
            order & cover
        (stickmen or chairs)
               "W Drill"
            "W Drill"
     (solo - only 3 singles)
                    "W Drill"
              (gunner - 3 singles)

                "W Drill" 
       2 gunners, 1 using ATV
       "skewed W Drill"

      (Daisy - 12 months old )
  90, 123, 155, 196, 163 yds
"W Drill"

           (real gunner) 
                  "inverted W"
              (remote radio line)
                "ABCD Drill"
            marking drill
  change shape of diamond
     rotate order & position
     of stations for concepts
   (potential for flower pots)
    solo, wingers, gunner(s)  
         (stickmen, chairs)  
           ("faux" shrubs)
"ABCD Drill"
           (solo with ATV)
        "ABCD Drill"
         (solo, walking)
 "ABCD Drill"
             (+3 "faux" shrubs)
    "ABCD Drill"
       (4 stations = 5 singles)
              (solo, walking)
"ABCD(E) Drill"       
    (5 marks & 2 cold blinds)
            (solo, walking)
           "YA-HA" singles
            "Inlines Drill"   
         marking drill
     low pressure, let'em roll
        designed to stretch
              (short cover)
  75 - 300 yards once a week
  (distance per dog's ability)
  solo, wingers or gunner 
 Trainin' in the Timber 2007
               Dan Heard

        "five easy Inlines"
     (early March exercise)

                  "eight Inlines"
                  (50 - 140 yards)
              (remote radio line)
              "five inlines"
             (75-150 yards)
         (remote radio line)
         "longest 175 yards"

          The "let'em roll"
       description evolved
      into calling this setup
"Ya-Ha" Singles

"Double Renegade"
                 by Carol Cassity
    angle back casting drill
    variation (place board)
    dog is cast from a place
      board & returns to the  
       line (left & right heel  
     deliveries)) & then sent 
 back to the place board for
      the next angle back
    The drill can be varied 
   according to skill levels 
      i.e. two or four piles
  white or orange bumpers
      tightness to stickmen
  how far apart the piles are
  distance of handler to dog
   teaching or maintenance,
  smaller, round place board
    encourages "squarer" sit
   "wide double Renegade"
  (distance to dog increased)
              (easy March work) 
           "Gunny ready"
             "angle back"
               "up-close double"
         "20 yards to dog"
          "40 yards to dog" 
         "60 yards to dog"
Wagon Wheel"
                   (lining drill)

                 (1, 2 or 3 slots)
      simplified two tiered 
           Wagon Wheel 
      white bumpers short
  orange bumpers in "slots"
             (lining drill)  
      focus on initial lines
            blind routine
           push/pull cues
     (in spite of diversions)


          "slot lining drill"

      basic wagon wheel
           (casting drill)
             Kwick "Pivot" Drill
              (simple variation)   

       Kwick "Pivot" Drill
    (seven "line" variation)
        "Pivot" Drill focus:
      teaching the "feel" of
       different "pivots" to
     enhance literal casting
        (first up close then       
       increased distance)
Training Journal entry (link)
     (explanation - startup))    
       March 28 & 29, 2013
           graph casting
         "Remote Drop Drill"
      send for short bumper
      from the line ("back") 
after delivery, send to far pile
 (75-100 yards), on return dog
       is stopped at point 1
      commanded to "drop"
        returns to the line
 (next dog repeats sequence)
  (3 dogs honoring - off lead)
    (note: teach remote drop 
      before doing this drill)
           YouTube (link)
         "honoring dogs"
        (on place boards)
      note: holding blinds
      for OB maintenance
                 "lining drill"   
                   (decoy slots)
      lining drill - focus on
     slots, comfort running
  through decoys & "seeing"
            an initial line
  establishing a sold "lock"
        "decoy slot lining"
          "decoy barrier"
               "Zig-Zag Drill"
                  (lining drill)
       lining drill - focus on
routine, initial line, consistent
  delivery & two-side comfort
              "Zig-Zag Drill"
    Gunny's Zig-Zag Drill (Link)       
       (You Tube Video)


           (Key Relationship Drill)
              mark can be "solo"
  introduces 3 concept blinds
        1) past the old fall
   2) tight behind the gunner
      3) wide of the gunner
         remote winger(s)
        initially no factors
             (short grass)
      once taught...run cold
 move "picture" & add factors
            (many variations)
ex. poison bird, under the arc
    (distance is very flexible)
            (tight off patterns)

     (young dog - poison)

           (new area, young dog)
                #4 is 146 yards
               "poison KRD"
        (same day - older dogs)

             "left view KRD"

        "right side KRD"
        (previous photo)
                 (cover factors)
       "KRD" with 60 yd mark
      (blinds 75, 173 & 158 yds")
              "early spring"
              refresher KRD
          Rockton Road DTA
                March 26th
        "picked up" KRD
            "moved to"
           RockCut DTA 
          (next morning)
             "Long Wait Drill"
                   April 5, 2010 
             April Journal (link)

      three remote wingers,
    decoys, popper gun, two
  blinds, real birds, duck call,
      HRC bucket, dog hide
           (15-30 minutes)
         several variations
   depending on skill levels
    focus on steady, waiting,
         control & patience
       "The Long Wait Drill"
              April 12, 2010
        "Long Wait Drill"
   (August, 2009 - 1st time)
Daisy & Kate - The Long Wait Drill  (Link)
                       You Tube - "the last eight minutes"
                                  August 13, 2010
                              August Journal (link)
  note:2013 run "solo"
  with honoring dog  
                         updated 04/25/15