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"My name is not my own,
It is borrowed from my ancestors,
I must return it unstained.

My honor is not my own,...
It is loaned from my decedents,
I must give it to them unbroken.

My blood is not my own,
it is a gift to generations yet unborn,
I should carry it with responsibility."

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Terrific style and powerful messages
Fantastic images.
Top tier art.
I've used a variety of their photos as messages to other ones looking for their vision.
"Honor no Gods but those of your own Folk; as alien gods destroy you." 鈥攖he 14 Codes of Ar/y/an Ethics This is not a truth that is based upon regional location: it is a Universal Truth, verified by Nature herself. Christians will point to "technological advances" and "medical developments" founded during their dominion of Europe, take the responsibility for these achievements from their own Folk, to validate a desert cult completely alien to them. For a false "universal truth"...they suppose that Romans, while pagan, would not have made these advancements. This could all be construed as conjecture and speculation, but one is hard pressed to find sub-saharans without outside influence obtaining anything Europeans have, even while being "Christian". Our ancestors invented these things bc of their basic genetic nature. Not bc they adopted an alien viewpoint on spirituality. Foreign religions foment first a compassion towards an alien ideal. Then it progresses to alien custom. Then to the inevitability we have now, a compassion towards aliens themselves. It breaks the very threshold of tribalism and identity. It lowers our creativity due to a decrease in IQ, introduces new diseases created solely by genetic admixture (White-Asian), and diminishes our connection to our ancestors. We have lost everything that makes us a unique People. Just one alien god alone has done this to Europeans worldwide. Thank 脫冒inn Alfa冒ir the Iews weren't Polytheists when Christianity was introduced to us