Success List

The following is a list of those Applicants who achieved a passing score on the February 2019 Uniform Bar Examination administration in Tennessee. If your name does not appear on this list, you did not achieve a passing score on the examination.

Successful completion of the Uniform Bar Examination does not mean that all licensing requirements have been met. No license will be issued until an applicant has completed all requirements for licensing including, but not limited to, completion of the Tennessee Law Course, the Character and Fitness Interview, and a passing score on the MPRE.

Once you are eligible to be licensed you will receive a “Welcome Email” from the Board of Professional Responsibility (BPR) in the next few days regarding the next steps in the licensing process. Please allow the BPR two to three business days to send out all emails before contacting their office with questions.

Emails with exam results will be sent to all applicants. Please wait until you receive your email and read it carefully before contacting this office with questions. MBE score transfers are processed by NCBE score services. The Tennessee Board of Law Examiners utilizes the NCBE Score Advisory and Transfer service, found at Please do not email the Board for score information. 

FOR APPLICANTS WHO WERE UNSUCCESSFUL on the examination, pursuant to TN Supreme Court Rule 7, §14.04 the only remedy for failure to pass the bar examination is reexamination. No part of the Uniform Bar Exam will be regraded.

To search for your name on the list, press CTRL + F and type your name in the search box.

First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix
Mark Edward Atchison  
Evan Phillip Baddour  
Amos Patrick Bailey  
Melissa Ann Baker  
Lauren Michelle Barter  
Mary   Becker  
Cameron Lee Beier  
Nicolas Jose Bianchi  
Shaniqua Shardae Biggins  
Nicholas Shane Bishop  
Rekha Elizabeth Blackerby  
Anne Kuykendall Boatner  
Chicara Mayes Bonner  
Constance Kiara Brown  
Fredricka Jatarya Brown  
James Derek Brown  
Christopher Dale Burt  
Lucie Therese Butner  
Mitchell Andrew Campbell  
John Clark Carden  
Shelby   Carroll  
Aerial Cheyvonne Carter  
Alexander Michael Chissler  
Kevin Eugene Christopher  
Kyle Brooks Cokkinias  
Tessa Shaye Courtney   
Gloria Dianne Crawford  
Hugh Phoenix Cross  
Jack Phillip Reynolds Culler  
Anthony Alex Daher  
Timothy Scott Daniel  
Hardy Isaac DeLaughter  
Charles Robert Delorey  
Kandis Renea Deskins  
Jessi Thomas Diamond  
Rosalyn Sherelle Dobbins  
Ivannoel Gonzalez Dollar  
Lori Rose Dowell  
Kelsey B. Duckett  
Shonda Renee Duncan  
Jordan Phillip Dye  
William Kenneth Dyer  
Andrew Raymond Elbert  
Johnika Nichelle Everhart  
Awni A Filat  
Ashley Lynn Fine  
Hallie Goodman Flanagan  
Brittany Leigh Ford  
Samantha Ashley Foster  
Chantley Trinique Frazier  
Jon Curtis Fromke  
Steven Jordan Gagliano  
Ryan Ramsey Gallagher  
Denania Lanelle Galloway  
Kevin Hamilton Griffin  
Thomas Ryan Hager  
Julia Marie Hale  
Miranda Carol Hall  
Cullen Daniel Hamelin  
Jaclyn Deeann Hardin  
Catherine Mary Harrington  
Chanse Joseph Hayes  
Don Scott Herron  
Michael Anthony Hill  
Brient Christian Hobbs  
Brittany Aaron Holland  
Richard Dale Hutcherson  
Carletta   Hylick  
Matthew L Jacobs  
Eboni Eva Amor James  
Adam Hill Jefferson  
Celsy Rimmer Johnson  
J Zachary Johnston  
Michael Steven Jones  
Jacob William Kacynski  
Kun-Chol   Kim  
Mckenna   Klemz  
Ann Lee Knuckles Mahoney  
Emily Pauline Linehan  
Christina Rae Burgart Lopez  
Jessica Danielle Lovely  
Jonathan Paul Lucas  
Carmen Noelle Manes  
Catherine Rachael Massey  
Levi David Mauldin  
John Sims McCool  
Karla Maria Mendez  
Andrew Charles Montgomery  
Justine Marie Moreau  
Nathaniel Jaraad Nabaa  
Lynleigh Georgana Noel  
Trent North Notestine  
Misty Leigh O'Neal  
Joseph Harold O'Neill  
Chelsea Marie Orland  
Janus   Pan  
Steven Chase Parker  
Surya Chowdary Pavuluri  
Jessica Leeann Penrod  
James Arthur Perkins  
Andrea Beth Pierpoint  
Scott Wade Polzin  
Terrence Laneaux Rand  
Robert Benjamin Reardon  
Kathryn B Reddy  
Miroslav   Remec  
Zachary J Richards  
Joshua Jude Roberts  
Janaya Santiya Robinson  
Robert Brian Rogers  
Matthew Joseph Ross  
Alia   Saaed  
Kaila Danielle Sewell  
Lauren Marie Shadrick  
Jennifer Leigh Shea  
Michael Allan Skidmore  
Michael Robert Small  
Benton Chandler Smith  
Brandon James Smith  
Chelsea Paulette Sparkman  
Amber Kay Spelman  
Sandra Page Stanzione  
Nathan Robert Stuckey  
Robin Kevin Sullins Jr.
Jonathan Patrick Tepe  
Rodolfo   Urquieta Cortes  
Benjamin Isaac Wachtel  
Patricia Anderson Weinberg  
Saxby   Wiles  
Andrew Hamilton Williamson  
Elizabeth Marie Woodard  
Rachel Proby Wright  
Sheldon Bradley Wright  
Julie Ann Yriart