Photo of Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans playing GameBoy on Avengers 4 set


US Sales Specialist
Oct 25, 2017
it's funny how people see stuff like this from celebrities and think it's genuine. come on now.
.........why would celebrities be any different than normal people in terms of liking to play video games?

The average age of a game player in the United States is over 30

Most famous people play games, especially on set its well known. There is a lot of downtime on these shoots
Oct 27, 2017
Jupiter, FL
So we really are going back to the 90s in Endgame.
I was honestly disappointed at the “90s references in Captain Marvel, I got the impression they only put it in 1995 to provide an excuse as to why Carol was absent for so long.

She should have been in an arcade at a mall learning to play Killer Instinct or Daytona USA, or in a theater watching Dumb and Dumber.