NSM is an implementation of a portable NewtonScript virtual machine as described by Apple Computer in Newton Formats and The NewtonScript Programming Language.

NSM does not interpret NewtonScript source code. It takes Newton packages containing NewtonScript bytecode and executes it.


Alpha 3 is the second publicly released version of NSM. It is limited in capabilities, but is already useful for some tasks.


You can browse the documentation online or download it as HTML, RTF, or plain text.

Note: the documentation was updated on to correct an error in the description of the Seek method in the NEWT/0-compatible file I/O library; the origin parameter must be 'set, not 'start, to seek relative to the beginning of the file.

Example code

NEWT/0-compatible file I/O library

Since alpha 3, there is a file I/O library available for NSM that is compatible with NEWT/0's "protoFILE" library.

To use it, download the version for your platform, then read the documentation.


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