Overwatch |OT2| Live Long and Alla Till Mig!

Feb 8, 2018
Question: I started a new account on PS4, I'm still grinding to level 25 so I can play Competitive. But I was wondering does my performance in quickPlay affect my starting/placement rank in competitive when it's a brand new account?
tfw your 2 dps can't take out a pharah. lets just swap off hitscan all together
As a healer main I know the pain of a Pharah doing uncontested damage to your team. But in my experience I found the best counter to Pharah is with a Sombra, since Pharah players tend to panic when they're grounded with no mobility.
Dead Prince
Oct 25, 2017
feeling underappreciated. as a support player willingly to play solo tank (Orisa/dva) because we got 3 dps instalocks, a zen and some other support, who initiated the whole lets not be toxic and have 3 dps, ends up not healing the team when the zen held gold healing until the end of the game going into 5-4 (Horizon). i was fine with the 3dps actually. they killed things. its the dying as your only shield on point. zen tried best.
Oct 25, 2017
It's been a good year or so since I've played a lot and among the things I'm noticing is yeah, a lot of Moira's seem to play DPS first and then heal only when there's nothing else to do. If I'm on a team and the Moira is the only healer, I play like we have no healer.
In my experience most will decide to heal after the enemy team is dead, but during the fights most Moiras never use healing orb or normal heal ability. I'd like to see her main attack not self heal her.
Oct 25, 2017
Ah okay thanks, time to put on my tryHard hat lol.
Yes, your quickplay performance is used to establish an initial baseline for competitive.
Is this actually true though? I've seen a lot of people say that, but from personal experience and from even high level streamers on new accounts, the first placement game always seems to be somewhere in gold. Unless those high level players are just buying accounts that have already been leveled up. Mainly looking at Kabaji, he's now done 3 of his unranked to GM accounts and all three the first placement game was somewhere in gold. I can't imagine if he leveled up an account in QP it would make him start there.