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Welcome to the He Group!



Dr. Chuan He to receive the 2019 ACS Chemical Biology Lectureship Award ACS Award


Visit Center for Dynamic RNA Epitranscriptomes (CEGS-CDRE) website CDRE


Prof. Chuan He to lead Chicago’s first Center of Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS) More...


Recent Publications:

Han, D.*; Liu.; J.; Chen, C.; Dong, L.; Liu, Y.; Chang, R.; Huang, X.; Liu, Y.; Wang, J.; Dougherty, U.; Bissonnette, M. B.; Shen, B.; Weichselbaum, R. R.; Xu, M. M.*; He C.*. Anti-tumour immunity controlled through mRNA m6A methylation and YTHDF1 in dendritic cells. Nature 2019, 566, 270-274. [pdf]

Shi, H.; Zhang, X.; Weng, Y. L.; Lu, Z.; Liu, Y.; Lu, Z.; Li, J.; Hao, P.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, F.; Wu, Y.; Delgado, J. Y.; Su, Y.; Patel, M. J.; Cao, X.; Shen, B.; Huang, X.; Ming, G. L.; Zhuang, X.; Song, H.*; He, C.*; Zhou, T.* m6A facilitates hippocampus-dependent learning and memory through Ythdf1. Nature 2018, 563, 240-253.[pdf]

Frye, M.*; Harada, B. T.; Behm, M.; He, C.*. RNA modifications modulate gene expression during development. Science 2018, 361, 1346-1349. [pdf]