Kids Classic Books
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Kids Classic Books

by Mukul Jain

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Are you a bookaholic? Are you a kid?
Look no further! This skill gets you all the details you need to start a kids book.

This skill uses Goodreads API to fetch details like reviews count, description, publication date etc. Just ask for any book, and if the book is shelved as "kids book", Alexa will give you some information about it.

This book only focuses on Kids books, so any book which doesn't target kids won't be fetched under the scope of this skill.

For getting information on all kind of books and many more new features, use Alexa Skill, BFI: Book Engine

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Skill Details

  • This skill contains dynamic content.
    This skill contains dynamic content, which is content that is updated real-time based on inputs from the developer.
  • Invocation Name: kids classic

Supported Languages

English (AU), English (IN), English (US)

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