Card Trick - Kids Edition
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Card Trick - Kids Edition

by SayKid

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Here's how it works
You (Dealer) will have your guest (Player) select a card at random. Based on the card that Player selects, you will give me a specific command and I will "guess" the card. Full cheat sheet is below but for example, if Player selected the Ace of Clubs, you would say, "WHAT card was CHOSEN?" If Player selected the Ace of Spades, you'd say, "WHAT card was SELECTED?" Alternatively, if Player selected the Two of Clubs, you'd say, "WHICH card was CHOSEN."

Printable Key: Full key here:

Hints (to remember key):
The 1st letter of the suit matches the first letter of the verb (except Hearts): Spades = Selected; Clubs = Chosen; Diamonds = Drawn; Hearts = picked [it may be helpful to remember [hand] “picked”
Odd numbers = “What”
Even numbers = “Which”
# cards = alphabetical order (e.g., Guess < Predict < Reveal < Tell us)
Face cards = Starts with "So"

Spades - ...card was selected
Clubs - ...card was chosen
Diamonds - ...Card was drawn
Hearts - ...card was [hand] picked - DO NOT SAY THE WORD HAND; IT’S TO HELP YOU REMEMBER HEARTS

1/A. What...
2. Which...
3. Guess what...
4. Guess which...
5. Predict what...
6. Predict which...
7. Reveal what...
8. Reveal which...
9. Tell us what...
10. Tell us which...
J. So what...
Q. So which...
K. So guess what…
Jokers. So guess which...

A of Spades: What card was selected
A of Clubs: What card was chosen
A of Diamonds: What card was drawn
A of Hearts: What card was picked
2 of Spades: Which card was selected
2 of Clubs: Which card was chosen
2 of Diamonds: Which card was drawn
2 of Hearts: Which card was picked
3 of Spades: Guess what card was selected
3 of Clubs: Guess what card was chosen
3 of Diamonds: Guess what card was drawn
3 of Hearts: Guess what card was picked
4 of Spades: Guess which card was selected
4 of Clubs: Guess which card was chosen
4 of Diamonds: Guess which card was drawn
4 of Hearts: Guess which card was picked
5 of Spades: Predict what card was selected
5 of Clubs: Predict what card was chosen
5 of Diamonds: Predict what card was drawn
5 of Hearts: Predict what card was picked
6 of Spades: Predict which card was selected
6 of Clubs: Predict which card was chosen
6 of Diamonds: Predict which card was drawn
6 of Hearts: Predict which card was picked
7 of Spades: Reveal what card was selected
7 of Clubs: Reveal what card was chosen
7 of Diamonds: Reveal what card was drawn
7 of Hearts: Reveal what card was picked
8 of Spades: Reveal which card was selected
8 of Clubs: Reveal which card was chosen
8 of Diamonds: Reveal which card was drawn
8 of Hearts: Reveal which card was picked
9 of Spades: Tell us what card was selected
9 of Clubs: Tell us what card was chosen
9 of Diamonds: Tell us what card was drawn
9 of Hearts: Tell us what card was picked
10 of Spades: Tell us which card was selected
10 of Clubs: Tell us which card was chosen
10 of Diamonds: Tell us which card was drawn
10 of Hearts: Tell us which card was picked
J of Spades: So what card was selected
J of Clubs: So what card was chosen
J of Diamonds: So what card was drawn
J of Hearts: So what card was picked
Q of Spades: So which card was selected
Q of Clubs: So which card was chosen
Q of Diamonds: So which card was drawn
Q of Hearts: So which card was picked
K of Spades: So guess what card was selected
K of Clubs: So guess what card was chosen
K of Diamonds: So guess what card was drawn
K of Hearst: So guess what card was picked
Joker: So guess which card was selected, So guess which card was chosen, so guess which card was drawn, So guess which card was picked

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