Kids Bible Alphabets
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Kids Bible Alphabets

by Anita Technology

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Iam sure every parent would have mostly taught their kids A for Apple, B for Ball. But how about teaching them other variations as well which show the good virtues from the Holy Bible. How about A for Able, B for Brave, C for Caring, D for Daring? Sound good does’nt it?
To teach kids the Bible Alphabets we have created this skill using good characteristics from The Holy Bible, good characters, good virtues and names of God. As the kids use this skill they will gain an indepth understanding of the goodness in The Holy Bible and also have a good character, person, name of God associated with each alphabet. It is time to teach kids the Bible Alphabets which can make them more strong and able. So use our skill and be benefited.

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May 7, 2018
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